Frequent questions that we are commonly asked are when should I receive my flowers and when do I need to order for that delivery day? So, I am here to help you get to grips with how we work here at Triangle Nursery Ltd.

So, first lets start with the company history and what we do…

Triangle Nursery Ltd is a family business that started in the 1920’s, when Mary’s Great Grandfather started growing some of the first commercial blooms. The business has grown from from strength to strength, selling and supplying beautitful fresh flowers from the flower auctions right to our customers doors. The trends will always change but the  demand for top quality flowers, value for money and sound, knowledgeable advice will never change. Whatever the occasion, be it a wedding, a christening, a party, or even sadly a funeral, in every case flowers play an important part. Our job is to ensure the perfect choice of flowers and foliage is delivered in peak condition on time, every time. A large part of our service is to help and advise every step of the way; from variety types, seasonal availability, pricing budgets, colour matching, stem lengths, different grades, quantities required for the job, down to when to take delivery and how to condition and prepare your flowers.

On our website @  we sell  thousands of varieties of flowers, accessories and florist supplies to our customers every day.  All of our wholesale flowers and foliage are purchased specifically for your order from Aalsmeer Flower Auction in Holland or directly from the growers. All of our wholesale flowers are shown at live market prices with different stem lengths and grades clearly marked. Due to the nature of the website showing the live prices, this means that prices do change on a daily basis, so until it is time to order (small window of 2-3 days) – we can only give you an approximate price of what we would expect the flowers to be for you (see below for more info).

For more information on the Dutch Auctions, it would be worth putting your feet up with a cup of coffee and watching BBC Two – The World’s Biggest Flower Market to truly get to grips with what we do on a daily basis!

When should you receive the flowers? 

You should always, ALWAYS receive the flowers a few days prior to the event to ensure you have sufficient time to condition and prepare the flowers. Conditioning simply means looking after and treating the flowers before you start working with them, ensuring that the flowers are in the BEST condition for the maximum possible time.For more information on the conditioning process, click here. I would never advise that you receive the flowers the day before or the morning before the event! 

Of course, it is very dependent on the flowers that you want to receive; for instance, there are particular varieties such as peonies, irises, freesia, alstromeria etc. that arrive in a tight bud and need time to open up and develop, whereas other varieties such as roses, hydrangeas come partially developed and do not need as long to open and develop before the event. Therefore, it can be a balancing act to try and predict the best day for arrival – but remember, the products are natural and we can only advise to our best ability based on previous years and knowledge.

For example;

If you event is on a Saturday, I would advise receiving the flowers on Wednesday or Thursday to ensure you have time to condition and prepare the event.

Working with this time frame of 2-3 days will allow you to condition the flowers correctly. If you receive the flowers on Wednesday or Thursday, this will allow you to condition, or allow the flowers to have a good drink overnight – and then on Friday/ Saturday morning you can start working with and arranging the flowers. 

Delivery and ordering information

From just a few bunches of flowers to a full lorry load of fresh blooms we are delighted to service customers all over the UK and Northern Ireland. We can deliver directly to your door in mainland UK six times a week.

You can have your flowers delivered for a;

  • Tuesday Delivery:   Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Tuesday – Thursday 11pm
  • Wednesday Delivery:   Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Friday  – Sunday 11pm
  • Thursday Delivery:  Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Friday  – Monday 11pm
  • Friday Delivery:  Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Friday  – Tuesday 11pm
  • Saturday Delivery:  Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Friday  – Tuesday 11pm
  • Sunday Delivery: Your order has to be confirmed online between the previous Tuesday – Thursday 11pm

Bank Holidays in Holland & the UK can affect order & delivery days – Please call for
more info.

All wholesale cut flowers and foliage are packed carefully and professionally in sturdy flower boxes to ensure safe delivery. Wholesale floral accessories and tools are also packed in sturdy boxes together with internal protective packaging if required. It is possible to order fresh cut flowers, foliage and floral sundries on the same order (with one set delivery charge)

There are fixed delivery set charges: 

  1. Mainland UK weekday delivery any time before 5.45pm on your preferred delivery date: £9.95* for any size order.
  2. Mainland UK weekday delivery before 12.45pm on your preferred delivery date: £15.95* for any size order.
  3. Mainland UK weekday delivery before 10.45am on your preferred delivery date: £26.95* for any size order.
  4. Mainland UK Saturday and Sunday delivery any time before 5.45pm is charged at a flat rate of £26.95* for any size order.

On arrival of your delivery

All of our deliveries are sent to customers via courier, Parcelforce, they are dry packed in flower boxes. It is very important that someone is available to accept delivery, as the parcels require a signature and the order will need to be unpacked and conditioned as soon as possible. Should no one be available to accept delivery, the delivery driver is not permitted to leave the goods. This is part of Parcelforce’s company policy. 

If there any queries about delivery, please call us on 01394 385832 or email on

Don’t forget we sell wholesale flowers to EVERYONE.


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