‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,’ – Benjamin Franklin

Now this quote is true when it comes to planning for you wedding,  especially the flowers. Having a plan in place for the when, what and how you will execute your DIY wedding flowers is crucial to a stress-free, bridal bliss.


Each and every bride’s timeline will vary depending on their situation, from where the wedding is located, where the flowers are sourced from, who is doing the flowers to how many arrangements are being created.

With this in mind, it is sensible to have a DIY Wedding flower timeline in place to (A) have a successful flower experience and (B) avoid any stressful, panic moments.

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6 weeks – 2 years:

This can be the most intensive planning part of the DIY flower process, as I am sure you are aware. Deciding on your vision, the flowers, the colours and the arrangements you would like to create is all a key part of the research process. Not only that, but you can consider the logistics leading up to the wedding day at this stage too.

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With the wedding date in mind, it is important to know the key dates to finalise and order your wedding flowers by. All of the questions can be answered on our FAQ page or by speaking directly with our experts at Triangle Nursery.

3 to 4 weeks:

In advance of the wedding, it’s advised to do a trial run. To avoid any stress on the day before the wedding or even on the day, it’s important to practice your arrangements from the bouquets, table centres to the fiddly buttonholes. If you are planning to rope in any family or friends, make sure you involve them in the practice runs. We have even had past DIYers do flower crown and bouquet workshops for their hen party.

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Head to your local market or supermarket and pick out some flowers of a similar shape and sizes to the ones you would like to use for your wedding flowers. Spend some time reviewing tutorials for each arrangement and practice creating them. This will help you ascertain your creative abilities and give you an idea of the style and feel of your arrangements for the day.

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Ask yourself the following questions: What did you struggle with? Is there anything you can improve? Do you have enough or too many flowers?

Another benefit of doing a trial run is you can time yourself. After you do one or two, see how long it takes you to put an arrangement together. This will help you schedule time allotment when you make up the arrangements for the real thing.

2 to 3 weeks:

By now, especially after the trial run, you will have a better indication of the flowers that you will be using, your stem counts and the supplies you need for your floral arrangements.

Another note is that you will need to be aware that if you require any of the following: Garden Roses (sold in wraps of 48 stems), Tropical Sri Lankan and Eucardian Foliage, these are all pre-order items that require a 2 week lead time as they are sourced directly from the growers.  

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Flower Variety: Rose Charlene de Monaco

1 week:

In the research phase, you would have received clarity of when to finalise and order your wedding flowers with your supplier. The date of delivery will depend on your wedding date, the type of flowers that you have chosen, your workload and storage facilities.

For example, if the wedding is on a Saturday, we would advise to receive the flowers on the Wednesday or Thursday to ensure you have time to condition and prepare the flowers. You will need to place the order between the previous Friday through to the Sunday to place the flower. Now, I know it’s daunting with it being so close to the event, but don’t fret! The reason for this is to ensure we get the very best prices for you, capturing the current market prices.

2 to 3 days:

At this point, you should be scheduled to receive your wholesale flowers. On the day, you will need to set aside time to condition the flowers on receipt. Depending on what you have ordered and the types will depend on how much time is spent on this, unless you have help.

Follow our Step-by-Step guide to discover the simple steps of How to Condition your Wholesale Flowers

1 to 2 days:

It’s arranging time! Think back to your trial to help estimate how long your arrangements will take to make-up, and then add 15% to that time and block this out on your calendar! You can arrange the flowers that will remain in water first, bouquets and centrepieces, first before the others.

0-1 days:

Plan to arrange things that will be out of water the night before or the morning of your wedding, buttonholes, flower crowns and corsages. All of these are much more perishable and will not last as long.

Finally, it’s time to set up the flowers at the venue. Liaising with your venue and those who will be assisting with you with the setup, you will need to block out a time to deliver and set up the flowers in time, whether it is the day before or the morning of the wedding.




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