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How to Keep Flowers Fresh in Winter

Our blog focusses on How to defend your flowers against the cold in winter – just like us, flowers need a little TLC any time of the year, but especially in the winter months. Here are some tips & hints from our floral experts on how to make your blooms last longer in the winter …

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Cut Costs with Carnations

Carnations aren’t the most sought after flower for wedding or event flowers for that matter! Many brides are still stuck in the mindset that carnations are old fashioned, a cheap variety that you give our on Mother’s Day or at Fundraisers, but we are here to set the record straight once and for all!

Learn more about Astilbe
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Astilbe, this delicate, feathery flower is popular and favourited by many for its look and style for weddings flowers. All of the twenty species (and ever expanding) of Astilbe belong to Saxifragaceae family. By origin, it is grown in mountain ravines and woodland areas in China and Japan. The German Botanist, George Arends introduced the …

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Meet the warehouse staff

Meet some of the Warehouse Team at Triangle Nursery Full Name: Simon Buckles (far right), otherwise known as Sid. Job Role: Warehouse Manager Favourite Flower: Rose Ilios, a yellow rose Quirky Fact: Been to every Dr. Feel Good concert in Ipswich since he was 18 years old. Full Name: Joanna Russell (middle right) Job Role: …

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Top 5 Floral Gifts to Give this Christmas

The Perfect Christmas for a Florist The perfect christmas gift. For all those novices, students and church arrangers, sometimes the most practical present, is the best present of all! Flowers are often among the highlights of celebrations, weddings, dinner parties, ceremonies, birthdays and funerals. Flowers can grace our lives with their beauty and scent to …

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Advent: Day 7

Eryngium, a surprisingly popular flower variety for winter weddings and events due to its unique appearance and colour! The perfect flower to add extra character and texture to an arrangement! What is Eryngium? A genus of the Apiaceae family. Eryngium is famous for it’s thistle shaped flower and is often used in Scottish wedding flowers. Eryngium …

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Advent: Day 4

Who are we? What do we do? What is Triangle Nursery Ltd? If you have grown up in a family business or even grown up passionate about your favourite hobby, I am sure you know how attached you can become and know it becomes part of you. Being the fourth generation to take on a …

Blog Daily Updates

Advent: Day 2

Happy Holly-days! Today’s treat is Christmas Holly. Yes, that’s right, we now have it AVAILABLE!! During this festive season, holly adorns houses all over the world. This iconic Christmas plant, with its glossy, green prickly leaves and red berries has become a popular ornament for those looking to enliven their homes with a little Christmas spirit. But where …