Happy Earth Day

World Earth Day is on Saturday 22nd April 2023, and is an annual event to raise awareness and support environmental protection.

Heightened awareness of the impact using plastics is having on our environment has become one of the biggest issues of our time. Every individual and business needs to make positive changes to  not only benefit the climate but to also improve profitability, making sure every effort is being made to cause the least possible impact on the environment, allowing you to present an Eco-conscious ethos to your customer base. 

Before you embark on a design, try to think about how the components you employ will affect the environment eg. How can I make this design foam free?

Here are some products that you could consider and employ into your practice: 

You can view all the products on the website here.

We all need to work together to improve our floristry practices and be part of an industry that considers our planet’s future well being.

A good rule to live by and work with is: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Lets all try to share in promoting a happy earth day for all our future generations!


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