The use of herbs in floral design creates a natural element to your work, and has the benefit of adding fragrance, texture and interest to your creations.

Historically, herbs have been used for medicinal and culinary purposes. Their symbolism is evident even today. We use Rosemary to signify love and remembrance and Lavender for devotion.

These beautiful botanicals are relatively inexpensive to purchase as plants and low maintenance. They suit any sized garden, and can even be grown in pots on a balcony. Having fresh herbs on hand is beneficial in many ways – you get to spend time tending them and enjoying the outdoors enveloped in their fragrance.

The fragrance is usually derived from their leaves, and more pungent when the leaf has been bruised or touched. The many subtle tones of grey, green, blue and silver lend themselves to the timeless tradition of being incorporated into wedding flowers. 

Here is a list of Herbs to consider using within your own floral compositions: 

Lemon Balm Fragile – condition well Sympathy & Virtue
Sage Soft double sided leaf – different varieties offer a broad colour palette Wisdom
Oregano Tiny white flowers in summer/seed heads in Autumn Joy
Mint Benefits from regular cutting Virtue & protection
Lavender The epitome of summer fragrance. Can be dried  Devotion & serenity
Wild Bergamot Long lasting in water. Will continue to “grow” once conditioned Good health & protection
Rosemary Long lasting in water. Provides delicate lilac flowers in spring Remembrance
Fennel Lacy yellow umbels. Has a pungent smell – similar appearance to Asparagus fern Delicacy & long lasting love

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