Find your ‘Something Blue?’

Blue flowers are readily requested for weddings and events, but unfortunately there are not many available at market. Blue flowers, from pale, powder to royal, below we have listed our buyers favourite blue flowers available at different stages of the year.

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Eye-catching Blue Flowers

  1. Oxypetalum Coeruleum – This flower is light blue, a larger version of the myosotis (forget me nots). Works well in country garden or rustic styles, as well as boho styled designs as this tone of blue matches great with greys.
  2. Delphinium Ballkleid – Not only does this flower variety bring a pale blue colour tone, it brings opulence and towers above your other flowers. It would certainly work beautifully with other pastel colours, from lilacs, pinks to lemons. Delphinium is also available in powder and royal blues. Find out more about Delphinium here.
  3. Muscari Blue – Muscari, also Grape Hyacinth, is very popular! For a simple design, you can just add a few stems in a vase in your home or for a Spring wedding/event. Find our inspiration video here and to find out more about Muscari here.
  4. Eryngium Magnetar Questar – The texture and shape of the flowers are also very distinct. Popular for all types of weddings and events, especially a Scottish wedding or rustic. Find out more about Eryngium here.
  5. Agapanthus Susan – When Agapanthus open up, they look stunning and add interest to your floral designs. Due to the firm stem, this flower can be used perfectly in large and tall arrangements. Find out more about Agapanthus here.
  6. Myosotis Blue – Commonly known as forget me nots, this is certainly not a flower you should forget! Aren’t they just lovely? Just look at those super-romantic little flowers. Myosotis is great to use for wedding designs: from corsages to small rustic table designs and even in the bridal bouquet.
  7. Cornflowers Cyanus – Cornflowers Cyanus, also known as Starthistle, are extremely popular for weddings and events to give you that ‘just picked from the field’ wildflower look! Also sold in yellow, white and pink. Find out more about Cornflowers here.
  8. Hydrangea Verena Blue – Hydrangea Verena Blue is one of our favourites and is a particularly spectacular flower. The Verena Blue looks lovely and matches great with all other tones of blue, whites, greens… Well, they just match great with any other colour! Find out more about Hydrangea here.
  9. Delphinium Dewi Blue Star – Are you looking for a statement flower in blue, this Delphinium should be on your list! Dewi Blue Star has a striking dark blue colour that works well for weddings and events to add height to floral designs. Find out more about Delphinium here.
  10. Rose Dyed Blue – Striking, unique and sought after to capture this beautfiul royal blue colour shade. Popular for events, promotions and weddings.

Inspiration using Blue Flowers

Take a look at our Pinterest board full of inspiration of the different flower varieties available in blue and also designs using blue flowers for an event, wedding or everyday interiors. 

Bond Photography - Blue Bouquet.png

Photo Credit: Bond Photography – Florist: Triangle Nursery Ltd

Wedding Inspiration: Wild Flower Blue Yellow Bouquet Bride Bridal Fun Enchantment Under The Sea Dance Blue London Wedding. All the flowers can be found at Triangle Nursery online,

Photo Credit: Pinterest via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

 Wedding Inspiration: Daisy and Muscari bouquet #rockmyspringwedding @Rock My Wedding

Photo Credit: Pinterest via Perfect Wedding

Delphinium Blue Wedding Flowers! Find more delphiniums for sale at wholesale prices with Triangle Nursery, just visit; Wholesale Flowers for Everyone!

Photo Credit: Pinterest





  1. Wow, bachelor buttons are not often seen anymore. There is an anemone in there too, blooming at the same time as agapanthus! . . . or is tha agapanthus blooming at the same time as the anemone?

      1. Agapanthus are still one of my favorite perennials, even though they are stigmatized as common. I still grow pieces of my first that I got back when I was in junior high school. Because I do not grow them for cut flower crops, they are not scheduled. They bloom naturally in time for the Fourth of July.

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