Where do you get your inspiration from? Trying to come up with innovative, fresh and unique designs which have your individual flair, can be a daunting prospect! 

Inspiration is all around us eg. branded packaging on cosmetics, food, clothing etc. offering alternative colour palettes that are worth exploring; some you may not have considered before.   

Ideas to gather inspiration for your floral designs 

  • Look through magazines and books for interesting articles
  • Daily walks outdoors 
  • Connect with social media and follow industry experts, taking on board ideas that send you off on an inspirational  tangent, sparking your creativity, and helping to fuel the imagination.
  • Television is worth exploring! For example, historical dramas with a wealth of fine fabrics, tapestries and artwork from which colour,  texture and patterns can be derived. Gardening programmes for the abundance of different varieties, colours and shapes. 
  • Staying in touch with your competitors locally and nationwide 
  • Seasonally available flowers can inspire your work 

Always be aware of your customers’ brief and budget constraints but don’t be afraid to try something different. The floral designs you create are unique to you, reflect your style and are your USP!

Inspiration is all around us, so take time to explore the wealth of creativity open to you, sometimes in the most unexpected places! 


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