If you do not feel confident working with Dahlia, we have the perfect substitute for you to give a similar look or style to your arrangement!

Dahlia, a pretty seasonal flower that is sought-after for weddings & events in the summer and autumn months. In August, we explored the origin, varieties / colours and how they can be incorporated into designs; click here to discover now.

Despite umpteen pros to this beautiful flower, the main con is fragility. As a wholesaler, dahlia’s can be pesky and do not travel well. If you are not confident working with them, there are two other flower varieties that we would recommend to research and explore that have a similar style and a wide range of colour for your wedding or event.

Chrysanthemum Blooms

These superb, large blooms are available all year round. Long lasting, budget friendly and hardy; they are perfect for novices and flower lovers. From pom- pom, spider to incurve varieties, there is a huge range of shapes and colours to explore. Search for them over on our website here.

Comparison between Dahlia, Chrysanthemum and Germini Pomponi - Whats your preference? Chrysanthemum Bloom Andrea - The Flower Hub

Image: Chrysanthemum Baltazar Intense and Andrea 

Germini Pomponi

Another flower variety that can be used as a subsitute for the dahlia is Germini (or small gerbera as you may know it as). From pomponi, pasta, pastini to punki, there are a variety of ‘unusual‘ germini that are perfect to incorporate into your floral designs to give the look of a dahlia. Similarly to the chrysanthemum, they are cost effective, long lasting and hardy. Search for them over on our website here.

Comparison of Dahlia with Chrysanthemum and Germini

Image: Germini Pomponi Belfi 

Comment in the box below which is your favourite to work with?


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