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How to condition your fresh flowers?

How to look after your beautiful fresh flowers? What is conditioning? Very important questions to ask when you are dealing with wholesale flowers – conditioning simply means looking after and treating the flowers before you start working with them, ensuring that the flowers are in the BEST condition for the maximum possible time. This process MUST …


Vintage weddings

  A popular theme that never goes out of fashion is vintage weddings, and quite honestly, we can’t get enough of them! The soft colour palette and beautiful decor is perfection, whether you love Art Deco, Great Gatsby or a homespun 1940’s look, it is always a great theme! We are here to help you …

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Berries are extremely popular for weddings and events acting as a filler flower in all types of floral designs. Available in a huge range of colours from ivory white to ruby rd to deep burgundy and stem lengths. 

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Triangle Nursery Ltd: Who are we?

Triangle Nursery Ltd Based in Martlesham, Suffolk, UK It is a family-run wholesale flower company based in Suffolk. Four generations ago, the business was first opened and was formerly known as C&J Webster. It was very different in the 1920’s, where they grew the flowers in the Lea Valley’s with love and attention then hauled …