Hugely popular with brides including Meghan Markle! This bloom is favourited by many for its layers of delicate petals, sweet scent, colour range and symbolism. Do we have any peony lovers reading this blog today?

Peony Flower Guide with our floral experts


  1. Peony Coral Charm – A stunning coral, watermelon colour tone when the flower opens up and it slowly transforms into a light peach, yellow hue as the flower matures.
  2. Peony Monsieur Jules Elie – A beautiful pink peony is darker than Sarah bernhardt in colour. Works perfectly paired with roses and garden roses for weddings and events.
  3. Peony Sarah Bernhardt – Quite possible the most common Peony variety on the flower market in a light pink colour palette with a touch of darker pink in the centre.
  4. Peony Etched Salmon – This peony is a work of art, almost like it is a watercolour! As the name would suggest, it is a salmon or coral coloured bloom with the edges fading in colour, almost as if it has been bleached at the tip. A must-have this wedding season if you are looking for a novelty flower!
  5. Peony Red Charm – The name says it all, this peony is a charming, rich burgundy coloured variety. Ideal for bohemian or rustic weddings or events to introduce a dramatic, contrasting colour palette.
  6. Peony Command Performance – This bloom is incredibly romantic – a true novelty bloom! New to the market last year, command performance is a large flower that opens up beautifully.
  7. Peony Angel Cheeks – A bicoloured pink and blush variety that is popular in the wedding industry (and I don’t blame them to be fair!) It is full bloom ideal as a focal flower paired with contrasting reds and deep pinks.
  8. Peony Bowl of Cream – This variety is double flowering that is ideal for weddings and events to provide a stunning ivory/ white colour tone to your palette. Tends to come in fuller than most peonies, so does not need as long to develop but this will depend on the time of year (its always best to ask your wholesalers!)
  9. Peony Festiva Maxima – Beautiful blush peony that is a true beauty! Ideal for a pink colour palette for wedding or event acting as the focal flower.
  10. Peony Madam Claude Tain – Another fuller, white variety that is great in wedding designs for bouquets, table centres and pedestal work.
  11. Peony Duchesse De Nemours – If you are looking for a reliable white peony for a wedding or event, this peony is perfect for you.
  12. Peony Alexander Dr Fleming – Brighter still compared to the Jules Elie and Sarah Bernhardt, this variety is a gorgeous vibrant pink ideal for colourful, festival style wedding or paired with that ‘pretty in pink’ look.

Whats your favourite from our top suggestions? Comment below

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