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Flower Guides

New Colourful Blooms to Market!

Weeks are flying by this year! There is a fabulous selection of flower varieties to choose from this week (it was difficult to choose just a select few!) bursting with colour and texture. Advertisements

Blog Bouquet Breakdowns

A Beautiful Era

This week’s bouquet is simply luxurious with a luscious fragrance from the Garden Roses. Harriet and Sebastian tied the knot in July at Helmingham Hall,  a wedding entitled ‘La Belle Epoque‘ – a beautiful era (find the full wedding photographs here) . The wedding was filled with spectacular views, art deco and hanging ladders overflowing with copious …

Blog DIY & Planning

How to condition your fresh flowers?

How to look after your beautiful fresh flowers? What is conditioning? Very important questions to ask when you are dealing with wholesale flowers – conditioning simply means looking after and treating the flowers before you start working with them, ensuring that the flowers are in the BEST condition for the maximum possible time. This process MUST …