DIY Statement Lilies Design

DIY Everyday Flowers - How to Guides

Discover this week’s Make your Own Recipe with our easy to follow guide and recipe. This floral arrangement certainly packs a punch and is sure to impress at a wedding, event, corporate or even in your home interior. Continue reading to discover the recipe for this luxury centrepiece, along with the step by step guide. […]

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Cooler Mix

Seasonal Mix Flower Varieties

This week’s cooler mix is full of life and energy similar to the summer vibes. A combination of cheerful colours, yellow, orange and bright pinks partnered with classic coloured Hydrangeas. Surprise your partner, enhance your floral designs for an event or add a burst of colour to your home with these marvellous flowers! Below, explore […]

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Growers Tour: Lisianthus

Growers Tour - Lisianthus

During this years annual show week in Holland, our staff had the opportunity to visit our growers, greenhouses and suppliers to understand and ask questions about the entire process from bud to bloom. Grower: Berg Lisianthus  It all starts in Japan where the seeds are brought and transported to a propagation company to start the […]

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DIY Echeveria Wreath

DIY Echeveria Wreath - Triangle Nursery

Do you have a succulent obsession? Succulents are still one of coolest members of the houseplants, leading the way in the current indoor jungle movement. If you are longing to know a little bit more about them, visit our blog to explore the background and care tips here.

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Top 20 Eye-Candy Festive Wreaths

Top 20 Christmas Wreaths - Triangle Nursery

After escaping the busy city lifestyle for a more subdued one back home, there is nothing better than sitting back, relaxing with a cup of cocoa (or maybe something stronger) and making plans for the weekend ahead!

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Bold Burgundy and Soft Pastel

Find the recipe for this Bouquet Breakdown

It’s time for another Bouquet Breakdown! These breakdowns can be very helpful especially if you’re not familiar with flowers.

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New Blooms to Market!

Discover New Blooms to Market!

Feast your eyes on this week’s ‘New Blooms to Market’ featuring seasonal anemones, berry-licious calla lilies and rattan wreaths. 

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Organic Hand-Tie Bouquet

Learn more about this bouquet

This bouquet has spread-like-wildfire across the internet as it’s organic, loose style is sought after for weddings by brides to be and can you blame them? 

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