Christmas is quite literally just around the corner now and our cooler is filled with the most beautiful flowers and greenery ideal to decorate and style your home this festive season. From natural to dyed, there are a number of different varieties that can suit every theme. Find this week’s cooler mix that might tickle your fancy this season below.



  1. Panicum Warrior dyed Red – Although red is not its original colour, this dyed grass variety looks very natural and fantastic in designs.
  2. Eucalyptus Populus dyed Burgundy  – A very popular Eucalyptus variety in green and dyed colours because of it’s shape, colour and form.
  3. Amaryllis Red Lion – The all-time red Amaryllis beauty. Learn all about Amaryllis here.
  4. Leucadendron Rubrum – This sturdy looking Leucadendron variety looks perfect in rustic Christmas designs. It most certainly has character and charm.
  5. Ilex Mr Blue Prince – An Ilex variety with no berries, but amazing leaves! Adds texture to wreaths and other floral designs. Ideal for Christmas
  6. Chamelaucium Mi Tal – Another rustic flower with a great vase life. Mi Tal is a great Christmas bouquet filler as well!
  7. Rose Grand Prix – The queen of flowers cannot be missed in your Christmas range.. Grand Prix is a stunning variety with a deep red colour.
  8. Berzelia Baubles – Looking for a fun texture? Berzelia Baubles is what you need! A perfect product to use in Christmas table decorations.
  9. Eucalyptus Parvifolia dyed Red – Parvifolia is also available as dyed red variety.
  10. Brunia Albiflora – Another favorite Christmas product: Brunia Albiflora. Yet again a texture-bringer!
  11. Rose Upper Secret – Use Upper Secret in your trendy bohemian floral designs this time of the year. The vintage looking Rose matches great with other Christmas-spirited flowers.
  12. Ilex Verticullata – Ilex, we cannot properly celebrate the holiday season without it!
  13. Skimmia dyed Champagne – Want to go all out? Try this Skimmia variety! Here you see champagne, but we have it available in a wide palette of colours.
  14. Berzelia Nebelia – This Berzelia variety also has a really nice structure and will definitely surprise your customers! Great for smaller table decorations,
  15. Strobus – This Christmas green has long, needle-like leaves and fits perfectly in rustic and bohemian styled floral holiday season decorations.
  16. Tulip Royal Virgin – Fresh, crispy Tulips are a feast for the eye in any holiday seasonal décor! Royal Virgin has white petals and therefore fits perfectly in any design style.
  17. Protea Cynaroides – Tropicals also are perfect for Christmas designs! This Cynaroides instantly adds structure to your creation.
  18. Eucalyptus Baby Blue dyed Red – Is Baby Blue your favourite Eucalyptus to work with? Try the red dyed version for the coming weeks!
  19. Panicum Warrior painted Gold – Add some glamour with this gold-dyed Panicum Warrior! Of course, we have Panicum also available in many, many other colors and metallics!
  20. Leucadendron Jade Pearl – What a gorgeous Leucadendron is Jade Pearl! A real eye-catcher, which will give your bouquets a real distinct look.
  21. Hypericum Coco Yoko – Christmas isn’t all about red, green, and white: go crazy, and use coral for a change! It is a great complementary color to red, and matches perfectly with copper painted products like the Craspedia!
  22. Craspedia dyed copper –  No party without some glitter! The distinct looking Craspedia will make your designs bold and fun!
  23. Ranunculus Cloony Fragolino – Fragolino is also a stunning coral coloured flower that matches great in this seasons trends.
  24. Hellebores Winterbells – What is the holiday season without Hellebores? This Christmas favourite is available in various lengths in our offerings.
  25. Ornithogalum Thyrsoides – And last, but not least: the Star of Bethlehem is the crown on this week Cooler Mix!

Find all of the ingredients in this list and more on our website here. To discover the list of flowers that are available in December, head over to our blog on Flowers in Season: December.


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