Autumn. What do you associate with the autumn? September is a time when the seasons will begin to change, flowers and plants bear fruit, heavy with seeds and harvest festivals will begin. Capture the warmth and beauty of the season with the fabulous fall hues, rich reds, deep oranges and buttery yellows.

Celebrate the natural landscape of the season, whether it’s held under an oak tree, adorning the ceremony with autumnal foliage and decor (branches, oak leaves, acorns, crab apples, pumpkins, figs, ornamental cabbages etc) or use the crisps fallen leaves. Also, make the most of the rich colour palettes, burnt oranges, rich claret, golden yellows mixed with browns, golds, greens, amber and russet colours.


Below is a list of flowers you can see in September. This is the time when you can see some amazing flowering displays of colour and fragrance, such as mint, sunflowers and calla lilies.


Aconitum (Monkshood) – Tall spiky flowers that are long lasting in a vase at home or for decoration an event or wedding.

Agapanthus (African Lily) – Beautiful blue flower that is extremely popular for the wedding season. Long lasting, large striking flowers.

Alchemilla Mollis (Lady’s Mantle) – Common as a garden flower, masses of tiny yellow, green flowers (lime green) that is ideal as a filler flower in floral designs.

Allium (Flowering Onion) –  Several types of Allium are available at market in varying colours, shapes and sizes. Related to the onion family and are bred for their sculptured, spherical flower heads. Alliums produce a chemical, cysteine sulfoxide which causes them to smell like onions! Not ideal for events in warm temperatures as brings out the smell.

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) – Commercially available all year round and in a huge choice of colours and varieties. Very popular as they are long lasting and are rather pretty.

Amaranthus (Love Lies Bleeding) – Closely related to the Celosia, they are available in two main groups (1) Upright (2) Trailing that is very popular for hanging, autumnal and berry-licious designs.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) – This striking, large trumpet-shaped flower is mainly thought of as a Christmas flower but it is very popular throughout autumn and winter.

Anemone (Windflower) – Slowly coming into the season, this delicate papery flower is incredibly popular for wedding flowers. Available in vibrant and pale colours.

Anethum (Dill) – Masses of tiny yellow flowers and a strong scent, used as a filler flower to add an addition of lime/yellow to your floral arrangements. Perfect in a wildflower styled event in random jam jars or bottles.

Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paw) – This slightly ‘odd’ looking flower is aptly named after Kangaroo Paws for obvious reasons. With its unusual furry buds, it is not generally very expensive and always gives the florist something a little unusual to use whilst staying to budget.

Anthurium (Flamingo Flowers) – Exotic, waxy-looking flowers are available in a range of colours and hues that are perfect to add a splash of colour to your corporate arrangements. Long lasting and native to the tropics.

Antirrhinum (Snapdragons) – Commonly a garden flower, this flower is very popular for weddings and events to add colour and height to your arrangements.

Asclepias (Milkweed) – Clusters of tiny flowers, available in autumnal orange, burgundy, bright yellows, whites and lime greens. Depending on the variety you opt for this, this particular flower is ideal as a filler flower.

Aster (Michaelmas Daisy or September Flower) – Typically available all year round, this flower is superb as a filler flower and always adds soft colour.

Astilbe (False Goat’s Beard) – Soft, feathery flower that is commercially available between June through to November (in season). Very popular for wedding and event flowers acting as a filler. If you are looking for a softening effect in reds, pinks, whites or peaches, astilbe is a great choice.

Astrantia – A seasonal flower that is an extremely popular flower in cottage gardens over the past few years because of its daisy-shaped flowers with a pretty pin-cushioned centre. The flowers spray from the stem in long bracts. To dry astrantia, simply hang upside down in a warm, dark and dry place.


Banksia (Bottlebrush) – This rather exotic protea from Australia has large flower heads made up of masses of tiny flowers. Very popular for boho weddings and brides looking for that statement bloom.

Bouvardia – Each stem of Bouvardia is topped with a cluster of small tubular (star-shaped) flowers surrounded by deep green leaves. Very popular as wedding flowers and are usually available year round.

Bupleurum – Lime green, yellow flowers are popular for rustic or country garden themed events. A popular choice as foliage or as a filler flower.


Calla Lily (Zantedeschia, Arum Lily) – Extremely popular for weddings and events for a contemporary style. Striking single flowers, the colour varieties are smaller than the white, Avalanche, Colombe de La Paix and Highwood (white – thick stemmed).

Callistephus – Dense headed flowers with contrasting coloured centres.

Carnation – Old fashioned? Nope, this flower is the perfect filler flower and it’s very long lasting! Did you know if you cluster 3 to 4 tightly together it can give a similar impression to the look of a peony? Try it! There are some interesting colours available at the market in vintage hues.

Carthamus (Safflower) – Unusual slightly thistle-like flowers in vivid orange. Also available in a spray carnation.

Celosia (Cockscomb) – This flower variety is seasonal that is commercially available between April through to November. They are available in two different types (1) Plumes – upright fluffy, flame flowers (2) Brains – large, single crinkly flowers.

Cornflowers (Centaurea) – One of few blue flowers available on the market. Very popular to complement a rustic or country garden theme for a wedding or event. Other colours available including yellow and pink. This particular flower is seasonal.

Chamaelaucium (Waxflower) – This particular flower has become extremely popular in weddings and events. They are small, scented (citrus) flowers ideal acting as fillers. They are delicate working well in flower crowns, bouquets, and buttonholes. Available in a wide range of colours when in the season – limited out of season.

Chelone – A seasonal flower that is very similar to Snapdragons in shape.

Chrysanthemum – Chrysanthemums are available in blooms (SGL), sprays (spr) and Santini (san), varying in size, shape and colour. Very long lasting

Cosmos – Seasonal flower that is very popular for the look, shape and size. Delicate daisy-like flower. The brown chocolate cosmos is perfect for a burgundy, berry-licious theme.

Craspedia – Billy buttons, pockets of sunshine, yellow balls, whatever your name for this fabulous, bright yellow flower is, craspedia is the perfect filler flower to add a pop of colour to your arrangements. Small completely round flower head made up of lots of tiny yellow flowers

Crocosmia – Tall spiky flowers are generally known as Montbretia when grown as a garden flower. Very popular in autumn for the russet colour tones.

Curcuma – This particular flower is perfect for corporate arrangements and tropical wedding/event flower designs. Tall straight stems, this tropical looking flower is available in pink, white and purple.

Cymbidium Orchid – Orchids are elegant, luxurious and grand, these striking flowers are popular for weddings and events in shower bouquets, cake flowers and buttonholes.

Cynara (Artichoke) – The flower of the artichoke. This large flower is perfect if you are looking for the more unusual and statement design. Perfect for an autumnal design if you are looking to bring nature indoors.


Dahlia – Seasonal, dramatic and very popular for their style for weddings and events. This delicate, pompom flower is available in a range of different colours as a cut flower from pinks, whites, burgundy to bi-coloured.

Delphinium – Popular for their tall, opulent flower spikes, this flower variety is one of the few flowers available in blue, royal, pastel and powder blue.

Dendrobium orchid (Singapore orchid) – Another orchid that is very popular for wedding and events for their elegance. Available in greens, whites, pinks / purples. Long lasting orchids with several blooms on each erect stem.


Echinops (Globe thistle) – Prickly, blue globe shaped flowers that are very popular to add interest and texture to the floral design. Work perfectly in autumn or winter designs.

Eryngium (Sea Holly) – Blue thistle-like flowers, very popular flower that is used year round, sometimes the blue is so intense it is hard to believe they are not dyed. Perfect to add texture and interest to your arrangements.

Eucharis (Amazon Lily) – Beautiful slightly downward facing delicate flower heads on tall straight stems.

Eupatorium – Small flowers that work well as a filler flower available in white/ greens, claret/plum and pink. Seasonal.


Forsythia – The shrub commonly grown in our gardens for their springtime flowers is available to purchase at the market. Perfect for styling interiors and floral designs to add a burst of colour to your decor.

Freesia – Highly popular, scented flowers available in a range of colours from pure whites, purples, pinks, oranges and much much more. Available in single and double.


Gentiana – One of the few royal blue flowers available on the market, this flower is a long-lasting trumpet-shaped flower up straight stems. Also available in lavender and white.

Gerbera – Large daisy-like flowers, a smaller ‘Germini’ variety is also available. Incredibly popular for weddings and events, they are cost-effective and easy to work with.

Gladioli –  A fairly traditional flower used in large arrangements. Miniature varieties are becoming increasingly popular for weddings and events. Available in a wide range of colours from pinks, whites, greens, to dark plums and purples.

Gloriosa (Glory Lily) – A very dramatic flower that is the National Flower of Zimbabwe. Available in red and orange. Perfect for tropical wedding and events for a delicate effect.

Godetia – A seasonal flower that has several brightly coloured trumpet-shaped flowers open up each stem available in a mix of colours from pinks, reds, whites and more.

Gomphrena (Globe amaranth) – This seasonal flower is particularly small globe shaped flowers which can be easily dried. Available in white, orange, lavender, purples and pinks.

Gypsophila – One of the most popular wedding flowers now, works well on its own and partnered with other flowers. With delicate- white tiny heads, Gypsophila creates a softening effect for wedding and event floral designs. Naturally available in white and pink, but also is dyed commercially and is available in golds, silvers, royal blues, Cadbury purples and more.


Heliconia – Tropical flower with large very dramatic flowerheads. Several different types available – perfect for a tropical, brightly coloured event or wedding for a striking shape and height to the arrangement.

Helenium – Small daisy-like flower, with slightly backward facing petals and autumnal colours.

Hydrangea – This cut flower is one of the most beautiful and spectacular flowers available at the market; grown under glass, they are much cleaner and very high quality compared to the outdoor plants. Cultivated hydrangea come in interesting colours. Towards the latter end of the season, each variety will tend to bi-colour, especially the classic which tend to change into more vintage hues, incorporating greens, browns and reds.

Hypericum (St John’s Wort) – This berried flower is available all year round and continues to be a popular variety to use in all types of arrangements for weddings, events, special occasions, hand-tied bouquets and competitions. Attractive berries rather than flowers make it a very popular filler flower available in reds, greens, whites, pinks and peaches.


Iris  – Very popular, that is now available pretty much all year round but short-lived flowers. Available in purple, blue, white and yellow.


Kniphofia (Red hot poker) – Large dramatic upright flower spikes are very popular at this time of year for their colour, height and striking look.


Leucadendron (Safari Sunset) – It is the leaves rather than the flowers which make this popular; the Safari Sunset is a claret, wine colour hue which makes it an interesting choice for a wedding or event to meet a berry-licious or autumnal design.
Leucospermum (Pincushion Protea) – Being a tropical flower, this large flower head is particularly long-lasting and striking to the eye. It resembles a pincushion, yet it is not spiky! Perfect for a boho styled wedding or event.

Lily – From Asiatic, Oriental, LA to Longiflorum, there are multiple types of lilies that might suit your theme. This statement flower steals the show all year round and they are all available in a range of different colours and shapes. Be aware are quite stubborn and can take some time to open, so make sure you plan ahead and get them in time for your event.

Liatris – Seasonal, tall poker shaped purple flowers are perfect for a rustic, country garden or even ultraviolet themed event. Add a pop of colour and height to your arrangements.

Limonium (Sea Lavender, Statice) – Popular as a dried flower, all varieties make good fillers if you are looking for an alternative for gypsophila. Available in purples, whites, yellows and pinks.

Lisianthus (Eustoma) – Very popular flower for wedding and events with the shape, colour and size. Available in single and double, in various colours from purples, pinks, whites, apricot and much more. Open from tightly swirled buds – suit any type of event.

Lysimachia (Loose Strife) – Arching flowerheads on the end of the stems, each made up of a mass of tiny flowers (similar to Veronica). Perfect as a filler flower to not only add colour but height into the arrangement.


Mentha (mint)– Small feathery flower spikes, the fantastic mint scent makes it great as a filler.

Moluccella (Bells of Ireland) – Tiny white flowers that are surrounded by vibrant bell-shaped green petals that run all the way up the tall stems. A symbol of good luck.


Nerine – Leafless stems topped with small clusters of delicate flowers. The seasonal flower usually available between August and February.


Ornithogalum (Chincherinchee) – Fantastically long-lasting flower, usually white and less commonly available in yellow. Purchase in good time to allow for open flowers.


Phalaenopsis orchid (Moth Orchid) – Large showy flowers, popular as a pot plant as well as a cut flower especially for weddings.  Typically available at market in blooms or stems.

Phlox – Typically known as a summer flower but it is available all year round. This English country garden flower is very popular acting as a filler flower for weddings and events. In pinks, reds, whites and purples.

Papaver (Poppy) – Fantastic papery flowers in great colours. Short-lived but worth it. The seed heads are also popular to add interest to floral designs.


Rose – Needs no description! Roses are probably the most popular wholesale cut flower on the market. Almost every colour available naturally except true black or blue (can be dyed). The simple rule of the thumb is the longer the stem, the larger the head size.


Scabious – Papery, delicate flowers (perfect to substitute anemones if not available) are perfect to accompany a country garden or rustic styled loose floral design. They also have attractive seed heads that are very popular in the autumn and winter for added texture and interest.

Sedum (Stonecrop) – Common succulent garden flower and ideal as a long lasting filler. Available in natural colours (greens, reds, aubergines and pinks), as well as dyed colours.

Skimmia – Popular shrub, sold as a cut flower when in the bud. Works perfectly if you are looking to add berried foliage into your floral designs.

Solidago – A popular yellow filler flower that works beautifully as a filler flower. Works well in wild flower arrangements, complimenting other yellow flowers i.e. Sunflowers and Helenium.

Spiraea – Quite large feathery flower plumes that are perfectly delicate. At this time of year, they are a good substitute for lilacs and would work beautifully in a pastel theme to add texture and interest.

Stephanotis (Wax flower) – The pips, the individual small, waxy, white flowers are often used in bridal work.

Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) – Unmistakable large and exotic flowers with blue and orange flowers. Perfect for corporate work and for tropical events.

Sunflower (Helianthus) – Striking, large daisy-like flowers, usually yellow but more unusual rusty colours are becoming available. Mini versions, Sunflower Sonja are available (more seasonal) if you need to use for buttonholes, flower girls or in smaller jam jar style arrangements.

Symphoricarpos –  Shrub with attractive round berries in pink or white has become an increasingly popular flower variety to use in weddings and events due to its look, shape and size.


Tanacetum – A type of chrysanthemum with small button-shaped flowers. Also available in small daisies (feverfew) that are perfect in a country garden or wildflower styled design.

Trachelium – Masses of tiny flowers create a large flat flowerhead. Available in white, green and purple.


Veronica  –  Delicate flower spikes add contrast to arrangements for weddings and events. Available in various colours and shades in purple, pink and white.

Vanda – Usually 6 – 8 blooms per flower stem, The petals often have a marbled appearance.


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