Foliage is the new flowers! Romantic, modern and rustic, greenery and herbs have continued to be favoured by bride-to-be for wedding and events! You can find some of the most popular greenery on the market that would work perfectly for wedding decor, bouquets, buttonholes, backdrops and table runners. You will also find inspiration photographs and handy advice.

Types of Foliage

Find all of the different types of foliage available on the website here.

  • Eucalyptus Cinerea, Baby Blue, Populus (with or without berries), Gunii, Nicholii, Parvifolia, Robusta
  • Aspidistra Green / Variegated
  • Conifer
  • Phoenix Roebelenii
  • Pistache
  • Coral Fern / Sword Fern
  • Olive Branches
  • Asparagus Fern / Treefern / Plumous
  • Leatherleaf
  • Salal Tips
  •  Soft and Hard ruscus
  • Skimmia Kew Green / Japonica Rubella
  • Bear Grass / T-Grass / Steel Grass



Table Runners



TOP TIP: Find our latest demonstration video on How to Create a Table Runner using Soft Ruscus and Eucalyptus – Top tips on how, when and how much greenery is required for a 6ft garland. Just click here… 

Duncan and Kirsten August 2017 3



TOP TIP: Using fragrant flowers and herbs in your wedding bouquet and arrangements will evoke memories later in life – to remind you of your wedding day! Not only do fresh or dried herbs look and smell amazing, but they also can symbolize just the sentiment you need for your upcoming marriage. During the Victorian era, the herbs a bride carried held serious meaning: lavender stood for luck and devotion, rosemary for remembrance, sage for a long life and thyme for courage. For more information on flowers and foliage that add personal meaning to wedding bouquets and arrangements, visit our blog.




‘One of my closest friends Fiona who runs Fifi Boutique created all of the floral arrangements, foliage décor, buttonholes, bridesmaid bouquets, chapel displays, pew ends and bridal bouquet. She understood my vision exactly and everything turned out better than I could ever have imagined. We ordered everything from Triangle Nursery, which arrived a couple of days before the wedding day and everyone pitched in to help Fiona put it all together. I can’t thank Fiona enough for working so hard on it, she was amazing and the arrangements truly made our day and brought my vision to life.’


Backdrops and decor





300x300 Foliage Garlands





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