Shorter days, frost, snow, wind and rain. There is quite a bit about December that isn’t too appealing,  however surprisingly there is a fantastic selection of fresh flowers available at market bound to brighten those grey, dark skies.

We have a list of all the flowers you can find in December:


Acacia  – Acacia Greenery is very popular for alternative shape, size and in particular, colour from lime green to silvery green.

Agapanthus (African Lily) – Long lasting, large striking flowers in blue and white.

Ginger (Alpinia) – Large striking tropical flowers available in pinks and reds. Perfect for large corporate designs.

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) – Very popular and long lasting flowers, available in a huge range of colours and bi coloured. Please be aware that the alstroemeria is sold in tight buds

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) – Large very striking trumpet shaped flowers, often grown indoors from bulbs (waxed – making these the perfect present for flower lovers for Christmas!)

Ammi Majus (Queen Anne’s Lace) – Masses of delicate white flowers, ideal as a filler flower for wedding centrepieces and bouquets to create a rustic or country garden appearance

Anemone (Windflower) – Delicate, papery flowers, available in vibrant and pale colours.

Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paw) – Unusual furry buds with insignificant flowers. Ideal for modern arrangements and to create a warm, deep colour palette – perfect for a woodland or autumnal scene.

Anthurium (Painter’s Palette) – Exotic waxy looking flowers. Very popular in corporate designs for their shape, colour and longevity as they thrive in warmer environments.

Asclepias (Milkweed) – Clusters of tiny flowers, ideal as a filler to add a pop of colours to your design.

Aster (September Flower) – Popular filler with daisy like flowers on upright stems in white, lilac and purple.


Banksia (Bottlebrush) – Exotic Protea from Australia, large flower heads made up of masses of tiny flowers. Ideal for an event that is leaning towards a bohemian or tropical style. Available in reds and oranges.

Bouvardia – Clusters of small tubular flowers, use with special flower food. Not all colours are available throughout the year.

Bupleurum – Insignificant yellow green flowers. Used more as a foliage and as a filler.


Calla Lily (Zantedeschia, Arum Lily) – Striking single flowers. Available in a wide range of colour from pure white, vibrant yellow, autumnal orange to dark aubergine (almost black!).

Carnation – Very long lasting. Some new more interesting colours are now available. Did you know? If you cluster a few stems of carnations together tightly and you can create a peony style bloom! Discover more about carnations here

Carthamus – (Safflower) Unusual slightly thistle like flowers in a vivid orange tone.

Spray Carnation – Long lasting flowers. Some more interesting colours becoming available and shaped petals. A few of our favourites are the berry, raspberry ripple and solomio.

Chrysanthemum (Santini, Spray and Bloom) – Very long lasting and handy for all purposes, from wedding and event work, funeral tributes to decorating your home or office. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Craspedia – Small completely round flower head made up of lots of tiny yellow flowers. Perfect to add a pop of colour to your floral designs. For inspiration, find here

Cymbidium orchid – Striking flowers, which flower profusely with up to 12 flowers on each stem available in a range of colours from pinks, whites, yellows and greens.


Dendrobium orchid (Singapore orchid) – Long lasting orchids with several blooms on each erect stem available in pure white, pretty purple, green and bi coloured. Ideal for bridal bouquets and corporate designs to add a touch of elegance and style.


Eryngium (Sea Holly) – Blue thistle like flowers, sometimes the blue is so intense it is hard to believe they are not dyed. Available in different colours (i.e. silver/green and blue/green), shapes and sizes. Ideal for a scottish wedding or to add texture and interest.

Eupatorium – Insignificant small flowers, used as a filler in pinks and greens.

Euphorbia (Spurge) – Graceful curving stems with loads of tiny flowers. Note not all colours are available at the same time.


Forsythia – The shrub commonly grown in our gardens for their springtime flowers
Freesia – Highly popular and scented flowers that are used for all purposes in the floristry industry. Available in a wide range of colours and in single or double.


Gerbera – Large daisy like flowers, a smaller ‘Germini’ variety is also available. Vibrant and simple blooms that are extremely popular for weddings, events and promotions.

Gloriosa (Glory Lily) – A very dramatic flower with yellow edged cerise petals. The National Flower of Zimbabwe.

Godetia – Several brightly coloured trumpet shaped flowers open up each stem. Perfect to add a pop of colour to your designs.

Gomphrena (Globe amaranth) – Small globe shaped flowers which can be easily dried. Perfect to add a pop of colour to your designs.

Gypsophila – Extremely popular filler flower that has continued to follow the trend in weddings and events. Available in small to large flowering varieties, in white, natural pink and dyed colours.


Heliconia – Tropical flower with large very dramatic flowerheads. Several different types available. Ideal for corporate large designs for hallways, receptions and event centrepieces.

Hellebores (Christmas Rose) – Short lived very delicate and subtle flowers. Very popular at this time of year to add to wedding work as it is a sought after shape and colour – available in white, green, pink and burgundy.

Hyacinth – Popular as a pot plant hyacinth and increasingly popular as a cut flower. Ideal in wedding work, as gifts and to decorate your home with a highly scented bloom.

Hypericum (St John’s Wort) – Attractive berries rather than flowers make this a very popular filler. Extremely popular for autumnal designs to add texture and interest to the designs – capturing the true essence of the natural landscape.


Iris – Very popular but short lived flowers. Available in white, blue and purple.


Leucadendron (Safari Sunset) – It is the leaves rather than the flowers which make this popular. The Safari Sunset is a beautiful burgundy, claret colour tone.

Leucospermum (Pincushion Protea) – Large flowerheads which resemble a pin cushion. Long lasting and available in a range of vivid, exotic colours. Ideal for a boho or tropical colour palette.

Lily –  (Oriental, LA, Asiatic and Longiflorum) Available throughout the year. Please note, depending on the environment stored in and the time of year, the lilies can take longer to open as they arrive in tight bud (up to a week or more) – please contact us direct for more info.

Limonium (Sea Lavender, Statice) –  Popular as a dried flower, all varieties make good fillers for colour and shape.

Lisianthus (Eustoma) – Popular flowers which open from tightly swirled buds, a wide range of colours available as well as bi-coloured varieties including hot lips and adom picotee.

Lysimachia – (Loosestrife)  Arching flowerheads on the end of the stems, each made up of a mass of tiny flowers. Similar to Veronica.


Moluccella (Bells of Ireland) – Tall stems with a mass of bell shaped flowers. Ideal if you are looking to gain height and texture in your floral designs.

Muscari (Grape hyacinth) – Very small with short stems and clusters of tiny blue flowers


Nerine – Leafless stems topped with clusters of delicate flowers in white and pink.


Ornithogalum – (Chincherinchee) Fantastically long lasting flower, usually white and less commonly available in yellow.


Phalaenopsis orchid (Moth Orchid) – Large showy flowers, popular as a pot plant as well as a cut flower especially for weddings

Phlox – English country garden flower. Very popular for weddings and events as a filler flower in pinks, whites, purples.

Protea – Large exotic flowers with many different varieties. Ideal if you are looking to create a bohemian style wedding or tropical theme.


Ranunculus  – Small delicate, papery flowers that are sought after for their colour and shape. Ideal for wedding work, bouquets, jam jars and floral designs.

Rose – Needs no description! Almost every colour available except true black or blue. Very popular for weddings, events and in hand-tie bouquets.


Skimmia – Popular shrub, sold as a cut flower when in bud in burgundy and green. Extremely popular to add a berry texture to the design, similar to Eucalyptus Populus with Berry and Hypericum.

Solidago – A popular yellow filler flower. Works beautifully with yellow and lemon flowers to follow the theme through.

Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) – Unmistakable large and exotic flowers with blue and orange flowers. Ideal for corporate designs to create a statement piece. Also can purchase leaves fresh and dried in green, purple, pink and more.


Tanecetum – A type of chrysanthemum with small button shaped flowers that can resemble a daisy. Very popular for rustic or country garden themed events.

Trachelium – Masses of tiny flowers create a large flat flowerhead. Ideal as a filler flower.

Tulip – One of the most popular cut flowers in the UK with many different varieties. Used for all purposes, wedding, event, pr promotions and interior styling for your homes and offices.


Waxflower (Chamaelaucium) – Small scented, citrus flowers ideal as fillers, sold in bud and in flower in a variety of different colours. Perfect for wedding work in bouquets, buttonholes and hair flowers.


Veronica (Speedwell) –  Delicate flower spikes add contrast to arrangements. A good substitute for fresh lavender when it is not in season as available in purple – also available in whites, pinks, lilacs and in sprays.

Vanda – Usually 6 – 8 blooms per flower stem, The petals often have a marbled appearance.



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