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December Blooms at Market

Leading up to Christmas, there are some fantastic blooms available at the market. Feast your eyes on this week’s ‘New Blooms to Market’ featuring spectacular American Beauty Chrysanthemums, bi-coloured anemones and stunning Amaryllis!  Advertisements

Christmas Floral Combos

December Flower Mix #1

Christmas is quite literally just around the corner now and our cooler is filled with the most beautiful flowers and greenery ideal to decorate and style your home this festive season. From natural to dyed, there are a number of different varieties that can suit every theme. Find this week’s cooler mix that might tickle …


Book Tip: Flowers Every Day

The perfect gift for a flower lover in your life this Christmas, is this fabulously floral book ‘Flowers Every Day‘ by Petalon’s Florence Kennedy. A flowery book that is not only bursting with beautiful photographs of flowers, but packed full of practical tips, tricks and how to’s. Sound interesting?  This book explores and breaks away from …