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This week, we are exploring How to Make a more interesting and somewhat unique wreath for winter to fulfil my echeveria obsession! Below, discover the recipe and easy to follow step by step guide or find the entire demonstration video on our Facebook page.


1 x 10” wire frame (raised or flat depending on preference)
1 x bag of Natural English Moss
1 x selection of Echeveria Mixed 5cm to 8cm
1 x bag Rattan Branches
1 x Reel wire or Green Twine for mossing
1 x pack of Green Stub Wire 0.90mm to 1.25mm (depending on preference)

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1

You will need to create the moss base. For an indepth guide on how to moss a wire frame, refer to our blog. You can bind the moss onto the wire frame with reel wire (as used in this photograph) or green twine (which is biodegradeable!).

How to Create Echeveria Moss Wreath - Triangle Nursery

Step 2

Add the rattan branches to the wreath to create the desired look. You can do this by creating a double leg mount with green stub wire; insert the wire through to the base of the breaks and hoop toward the stem and twist. You can now position into the wreath, push the wire through the moss base and bend back into the wreath to secure.

DIY Echeveria Wreath - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Step 3

Once you are happy with the rattan branches, it’s now time to add the echeverias into the design. We have opted for potted echeverias on this occasion to ensure they have roots. Gently tease the soil away from the roots into a container (to quite literally contain the mess!).

DIY Echeveria Wreath - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Step 4

Once you have exposed the roots, you will need to wire the echeveria for support. On this occasion, we are using two pieces of wire for each of the succulents (as shown in the photograph). Firstly, you will need to add the support wire into the natural stem of the echeveria to support the centre and the head. Secondly, you will need to insert crosswires to give additional support and stability.

DIY Echeveria Wreath - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Loop the wire down so both sides meet in the middle.

DIY Echeveria Wreath - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Step 5

With a pair of scissors, put a slight hole in the wreath to position the echeveria roots into and push through the wire through the wreath to secure. Similar to the rattan branches, once the wire is at the back of the wreath, bend back on itself and insert into the wreath.

DIY Echeveria Wreath - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Continue to add the echeverias. along with more rattan branches and added lotus heads (small)  until you are happy with the final look.

If you would like to hide the mechanics (wires and frame) on the back of the wreath, you can use wreath wrap and secure with pins. 

Step 6

The final step is to add a hanger to the wreath. On this occasion, we are using natural twine, but you could also use hessian or other ribbons. Create a desired loop with the twine and attach to the wire frame with a knot.

DIY Echeveria Wreath - Triangle Nursery Ltd

The finished wreath!

DIY Echeveria Wreath - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Thank you for reading our guide on How to Create your own Echeveria Wreath this year. If you have any questions on the process or the quantities required, please write a comment in the section below. We would also love to see all of your Christmas creations, from wreaths to festive arrangements, post below or email us directly at

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