Steering away from the norm this Christmas? 

Do it yourself

Bring the outdoors in during the festive season with our easy to follow step by step guide on How to Make a Modern Christmas Wreath this winter using Eucalyptus, Pheasant Feathers and Pussy Willow. It is the perfect activity to get into the Christmas spirit and get creative with your colleagues, family and friends this season!


For all of the ingredients on the recipe above, visit the website here. If you prefer to watch the video for this step by step guide full of tips and hints, click here, sit back and relax and watch Debbie demonstrate How to Create this natural wreath for your Christmas decor.

Step by Step Guide

  • Firstly, soak the floral foam in clean, fresh water until fully soaked.
  • Start by adding the Pinus Strobus into the floral foam. Cutting small pieces of the foliage to start with and add the foliage to the ring in a spiral formation. The pinus is used to create a base adding to the outer and inner part of the ring.


  • Now add the Pinus throughout the wreath to continue the theme all the way through.
  • Next add the Eucalyptus cinerea to the wreath, cutting into smaller pieces and adding throughout the design. Always make sure that when you placing the foliage into the oasis, strip the leaves from the stem as the leaves deteriorate much quicker than the stems.


  • Continue to add the Eucalyptus Populus with Berry and Acacia to the design to add further texture to the wreath. Make sure that the berries are equally spaced on the wreath to create an even, well-balanced design.


  • It’s now time to decorate the wreath. It’s your choice on the different decor that you would like to use – you have dried fruits, cones, cinnamon sticks, feathers and much more – the list is endless to what you can use to create different styled arrangements. On this occasion, we are using pheasant feathers and pussy willow.
  • Place the pheasant feather into the oasis at a curve. On the other end of the feather using green stub wire, create a double leg mount and bring that back into the wreath.


  • Finally, add in the pussy willow to the wreath using exactly the same principle and wiring technique as the pheasant feathers.


  • To finish off the design, add a ribbon to the wreath. On this design, we have used a rustic Christmas ribbon in natural (wired). To attach the ribbon to the wreath, use the double leg mount wiring technique and insert into the floral foam. You can add some trails to the design.


  • To hydrate the wreath – move to a suitable area, i.e. draining board, soak the floral foam and leave to dry before you hang on your door or decorate your table centrepiece.

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