Enchanted woodland themes continue to be a popular option for weddings, events and corporate stands. Spectacular floral arrangements of wildflowers, twigs and moss transformed the reception venue at this real wedding into an enchanted woodland themes. This week we are demonstrating how to create a beautiful woodland style arrangement suited for a tresle table.

How to Create a Woodland Style Arrangement


Find all of the cut foliage and decorative ingredients for this video on our website.

Step by Step Guide

Find our easy to follow step by step guide below, as well as our full-length video of the demonstration on Facebook with our florist Debbie and Laura with more top tips and instructions.

Step 1

Prepare your ingredients for your arrangement. To begin, you will need to soak your floral wet brick in fresh clean water. Once it has been fully soaked, you will need to cut the floral foam in half lengthways and position in the spray tray leaving space on either side.

How to Make a Woodland Style Arrangement with Triangle Nursery

Step 2

Secure the floral foam oasis to the spray tray with anchor tape as shown in the photograph.

How to Create a Woodland Style Arrangement with Triangle Nursery

Step 3

Start by adding the salix to the floral foam to create the overall finished length and height (the arrangement should not go beyond this point).

Step 3: Create a Base

Step 4

Begin at one end of the arrangement and work your way along the floral foam. You will need to cut the foliage into smaller pieces and add the floral foam. We have started here with the Rosemary and Abelia. Remember to angle the foliage into the foam to cover the plastic base and give the impression the foliage is resting on the surface.

To fix the moss onto the floral foam, use mossing pins (3 or 4cm).

Step 4: Fill in with Foliage and Decorative

For decorative items like lotus heads and pine cones, you will need to wire them in before inserting into the floral foam. Create a double leg mount and hook the wire back before positioning into the floral foam.

Step 5: Add Moss to the Arrangement

Continue to add the foliage, moss and decorative items into the foam from one end to the other until you are happy with the overall look. For this design, the positioning of the elements are grouped across the design as opposed to having a focal flower or a set pattern.

How to Create a

Using your judgement and artisitic eye, you will be able to judge where elements need to be placed in the arrangement. For instance, you can use the rattan branches along the top to create a line through the design.

How to Create a Woodland Style Arrangement with Triangle Nursery

The finished look!

How to Create a Woodland Style Arrangement with Triangle Nursery

How to Create a Enchated Woodland Arrangement for Weddings or Events


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