How to Make a Christmas Wreath

We have lots of ideas to get you into the christmas spirit and get creative with your family and friends this season!


To make your festive wreath, you can either start from scratch using a wreath frame / floral foam ring OR you could purchase ready-made bases to accessorise and hang on your door proudly!  Today we will show you both and give you a step by step guide on how to make and complete your wreaths!

If you starting from scratch, you will need your bare essentials:


Step 1: Find the ingredients for the recipe: Wreath frame rings, either flat (left) or raised (right).


Moss – Sphagnum Natural, Green Stub Wire, Mossing Twine, Binding Wire & Scissors.


Step 2: Create a base for the wreath frame by attaching the mossing twine to the frame and creating a ‘zig zag’ pattern on the frame.



Step 3: Tease the moss into a thickish ‘sausage’, removing any stones, twigs and lumps of mud etc.


Then bind onto the wreath frame using mossing twine or binding wire.


Step 4: Continue to cover the cover the whole wreath frame with the moss


Step 5: Trim off any excess moss and loose ends & your wreath frame is completely ‘mossed’.

If your creative skills aren’t up to scratch or your nervous about the finish result, there is a cheeky short cut which can save you time and money – the amazing, already ‘complete’ MOSS RINGS (available in different sizes!).


Step 6: From there, it’s time to add the foliage of choice.Select suitable christmas foliage such as Blue Spruce, Holly, Ivy, Pinus Strobus etc. and trim to size.

You can either: bunch together 3 to 4 pieces of mixed foliage, and using a stub wire, bind them together to attach to the moss ring or freely attach the foliage to the moss ring using binding wire or mossing twine. 



Cheeky tip: Again, there is a sneaky short-cut for novices, to save, time, money and your nails – ready-made blue spruce rings. There is two types: half bound (this means only half covered in blue spruce & flat on one side) and full bound (fully covered in blue spruce). The spruce rings are based with a straw and covered with blue spruce.

Step 7: Once you have completed the wreath with the moss and foliage, you can now accessorise and decorate with a combination of wired dried fruit, cinnamon sticks, christmas picks, berries, ribbon bows, fresh flowers, the world is your oyster!


Step 8: The finished wreath can be hung from a door, using either a loop of ribbon or wire.



Cheeky tip: Create a Christmas Scene with this Decorative Christmas Fake Snow Spray! 

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Join us on our Christmas countdown – what do we have in store for tomorrow?

We wish you an amazing December!

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