A Simple Eggs & Flower Recipe to Brighten your Home this Easter!

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A Simple Eggs & Flower Recipe to Brighten your Home this Easter!

A simple step by step guide on How to Create an Easter Arrangement to decorate your home this Easter. Keep Reading…

How to Create an Easter Arrangement with Seasonal Blooms

Step 7

  1. Prepare your Ingredients for your Recipe

 ad recipe photograph 1

You will need:

  • Combination of Spring Flowers including:

Tanacetum, Myosotis (Forget Me Not’s) & Daffodils OR your favourite flowers

2.  Place the smaller vase into the larger vase and surround with the quails’ eggs.

step 2.1

3. To add texture to the base, scatter cushion moss around the vase or an alternative ingredient of your choice.

step 3

4. Add some water to the centre vase ready for you to start arranging the flowers.

step 4.png

5. Now, you can start creating the arrangement in the centre. Start by placing the ‘intermediate’ flowers, the Tanacetum and Forget Me Not’s (Myosotis) into the vase to create a frame for the next step.

Step 5.2.png

step 5.png

  1. Final step, add the focal flower into the arrangement to make it aesthetically pleasing. Here, we have used Daffodils as the focal flower.

 Step 7

For more information on the flowers, visit the website at http://www.trianglenursery.co.uk/fresh-flowers or call us on 01394 385 832.

If you are creating an Easter Arrangement this year, we would love to see them! Make sure you send your photographs to us at info@trianglenursery.co.uk!

By Laura

from the Triangle Nursery team x

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