The glorious Sweet Peas (“pronkerwt” in Dutch), also known as Lathyrus are simply exquisite. The fragrance, colour and symbolism are all features that make this flower sought after, especially for weddings & events. 

Seasonality of Lathyrus

Lathyrus are a seasonal flower. They are typically available from the beginning of March to the end of November (in Holland).

Types of Lathyrus

Lathyrus are available in short (40cm) and longer stems (80-100cm, ‘Vines’). There are a huge range of colours combinations available, even dyed varieties. 

The shorter stem varieties are well-known in the flower industry for weddings, events and general gift work. Their fantastic fragrance is guaranteed to lift up any arrangement. From pure white, blush pink (champagne) and cream for elegant designs, to sunshine pink, orange and rich red for bolder looks. There is a a colour to suit every occasion. 

The wedding varieties are extremely popular as they have fringed petals and are bicoloured. They look amazing and have a wonderful fragrance too. The series is bred by, and the variety names all contain their main colour.

Another type of Lathyrus are the Magic varieties. These incredible flowers are painted and work beautifully in spring, summer and autumnal designs. You may not be a huge fan of painted or dyed flowers, but these are in fact absorbed dyed via the stem, so not layered onto the petal.

The final type of Sweet Peas are the Vines varieties. In the summer, when the temperatures rise, this amazing flower is available with longer flower stems. The ‘vines’ can reach up to 100c and have such a beautiful appearance.

You can find all of the above varieties available on the website here


In the language of flowers, the sweet peas hold the symbolic meaning of blissful pleasure. It’s upright, clumping flower clusters also symbolise good wishes, friendship and kindness. 


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