Get the family together with this fun, quick and budget-friendly idea to decorate your home for Easter! See below for the Recipe and How to Guide.



Easter Treats ready to hang:


Easter treats

Super glue


Zinc Bucket or Container 

Moss (preserved or natural)


 Salix Tortuosa / Birch

Knife / Scissors

Oasis brick

Quails Eggs

Step 1: To begin, collect all your ingredients to make the recipe (as shown above)



Step 2: Soak and cut the oasis brick to fit into the zinc bucket. Depending on the size of the bucket, you may have to cut down (as shown below).


Step 3: Place the soaked oasis bricks into the buckets, as you can see the oasis has been cut into three pieces.


Step 4: To create the ‘tree’ effect, firmly push each branch into the oasis bricks to ensure they are sturdy. Depending on how large you would like to create the arrangement, will depend on the number of stems you would like to use. Here we have used 5 stems.


Step 5: Next, build up the base of the arrangement using the moss (either preserved or natural English moss), foliage of choice to add more texture and decorative features like quails eggs.



Step 6: Create the Easter decorations for your tree. Use ribbon, Easter Mini Eggs of choice and glue to create the hanging decoration.


Step 7: Create a loop with the ribbon by tying the ends into a knot.


Step 8: Using super glue or a low melt glue gun, attach the ribbon to the Easter Eggs.


Step 9: Now for the fun part, hang the Easter eggs from the branches to create an aesthetically pleasing design! Keep out of reach from all those little hands (and even your own!) to avoid a bare tree…!




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