Summer days get truly festive with this queen of the summer flowers

Sunflowers are very popular in the summer, favourited by couples getting married, events and even, for those interested in bringing the sunshine indoors for the everyday. During the wedding season, we are focused on inspiring and educating on how to arrange and get the best out of your blooms during the summer.

Below, we have a simple step by step guide on how to create a buttonhole with mini sunflowers and solidago a day before the event.

Step 1

Collect your ingredients required to create your buttonhole. You will need:

  • Sunflowers Sonja (mini),
  • Half a stem of Solidago Golden Glory,
  • Parafilm florist tape,
  • Sharp scissors,
  • Green Stub wire.

Step 1

Step 2:

Start by wiring the focal flowers, Sunflower Sonja to support the flower head. You will need to use 2 wires for each Sunflower Sonja. Firstly, push the wire (horizontally) through the base of the flower head. Once you have an even length of wire on each side, loop the wire down to follow the stem. Secondly, for further support, push the wire through the centre of the stem up into the flower head.

Step 1a

Step 3:

Once you have completely wired all of the Sunflowers, you will now need to start arranging the buttonhole one at a time. On this occasion, we are only using the solidago – gathering the components adding more or less solidago to suit your personal requirements.

Step 2

Step 4:

To secure the arrangement you will need to use parafilm florist tape. At the typing point, wrap the components together into one stem by wrapping it around a couple of times.

Step 3

Step 5:

Simply, twist the stem and at the same time stretch the tape allowing it to bind itself together around the stem as you twist (I know right, it’s harder to explain than you think!) You might need to practise working with the parafilm florist tape if you haven’t used it before, before you start work on the buttonholes!

Step 4

Step 6:

Once you have finished taping the stems together (just before the stems finish), cut the stems short ready. As explained earlier, we have prepared the buttonhole the day before the event and therefore we have cut the length longer (once you cut it, you can’t put it back!) and store in wet oasis overnight.

Step 6

Step 7:

Store in the wet oasis overnight, and in the morning (of the wedding) you can finish off the buttonholes with the florist tape (to seal the stems) and ribbon (to hide the mechanics).

Step 8

For more information and How to Guides, visit our the website here or DIY & planning on the blog. To conclude, all the flowers in the blog today are sourced from Triangle Nursery and are available for everyone to purchase at wholesale prices.


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