Meet the team in the office at Triangle Nursery!

Following on from the warehouse staff, here is an introduction to our office staff, along with their favourite flowers, top tips and quirky facts about themselves. Read below for more:

Mary and Laura

Full Name: Mary Willson 

Job Role: Managing Director

Favourite Flower: Parrot Tulips – just WOW! They are unusual, colourful and no two blooms are identical! The perfect flower to brighten your house on a winters morning.

Wise words: Use seasonal produce, you will always get the best quality of flower if they are brought in their natural growing season.

Quirky Fact: I was born on Easter Monday. I went to the Lord Mayor’s fancy party at the Mansion House, London dressed as a bluebell! & I drive an electric car?


Full Name: Laura Kenny 

Job Role: Marketing Executive and Administrator

Favourite Flower: Hydrangea, they always have been my favourite! These full and overflowing blooms are the perfect flower for any arrangement, on their own or with a combination of flowers! They are sold in a variety of colours, from elegant white to powerful blues and even have the classic varieties – combined colours to create vintage hues!

Wise words: To get an idea of the flowers you would like for your wedding, or event, the best thing to do is: (1) Find out the venue and look at the layout / the colours / the venue type (2) Identify your colour scheme or theme (3) Gather photographs of similar events or weddings from bridal magazines, blogs, Pinterest etc. (4) Utilise information online e.g. flower guides, how to guides (5) Get an idea of your budget and what your justify to be a good investment of flowers for your wedding day, i.e. get a quote.

Quirky Fact: Last year, I traveled to South East Asia and India, volunteering in schools, going out of my comfort zone and exploring the beautiful scenery! The people, culture and lifestyle are! It certainly makes you appreciate life much more, and I stick by my families moto ‘Make the Impossible Possible’! One thing I ticked off my bucket list over there – something I thought was impossible – ‘Ride a water buffalo’ .


Full name: Mark Kenny 

Job Role: Director and the Website Chap!

Favourite Flower: In this festive season, it has to be Hippeastrum, Amaryllis – just because they are beautiful, classy flowers, sold in many varieties and colours!

Wise words: Always order your flowers in good time (depending on the time of year or type of flowers), follow our preparation and conditioning advise on our website or call us on 01394 385 832.

Quirky Fact: I am an Ipswich Town season ticket holder – which many people find hard to understand!

Debbie – festive and warm!

Full Name: Deborah Buckles 

Job Role: Head of Floristry and Administrator

Favourite Flower: Lily of Valley, because my grandad always used to bring me a bunch of Lily of the Valley from the garden & now my mum has carried on the tradition.

Wise words: It’s all in the preparation! Remember to prepare your florist supplies in advance, prepare and condition the flowers correctly & finally prepare your wrapping!

Quirky Fact: Had the honour of having my portrait painted by Professional Sir Roy Calne and presented to me at a ceremony evening! Interestingly, he was a British surgeon and pioneer in organ transplantation. His most notable achievements was the world’s first liver, heart, and lung transplant in 1987!!


Full Name: Sharna Chaplin 

Job Role: Florist and Packer

Favourite Flower: Carthamus would have to be one of my favourite flowers! They are unique, interesting and add a different texture to any arrangement! I especially love the bright orange colour of this flower variety! It’s so hard to choose as there are SO many varieties! Can I say ALL of them?

Wise words: Depending on your budget, try and purchase flowers the best grade you can afford, this will promote the longevity of the flowers and the quality of the bloom.

Quirky Fact: I love to travel, aside from working and creating arrangements for customers! I have visited beautiful landscapes all over the world, Bali being a favourite, I’ve climbed temples & gorge walking! Soon, I am travelling to the Blue Lagoon for a weekend away..

Sharna and Sam

 Full Name: Samanatha Malster 

Job Role: Florist and Picker

Favourite Flower: Gloriosa Lilies, because they are unusual

Wise words: Choose the flowers you love – for the colours, the shapes, the smells, the more you love them, the more time and care you are likely to invest!

Quirky Fact: I own 60 pairs of shoes and 45 handbags!!


Full Name: Shara Craigie 

Job Role: Part-time Administrator

Favourite Flower: Chrysanthemum American Beauty, just WOW! They have to be my favourite flower for now, their large blooms are great as a focal flower and look spectacular in an arrangement!


Full Name: Sophia Baines 

Job Role: Accountant

Favourite Flower: Freesia, how can you resist the beautiful scent of this flower?

Quirky Fact: I am fluent in French, and lived there for 8 years but only managed to learn 3 phrases in German, ‘I live in near London’ (never lived near London!!), ‘Take the first road on the right’ and ‘with mustard’?… very useful!!



We wish you an amazing December!


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