The World’s Largest Flower Auction

Flowers are used to express emotion and mark the most important milestones in our lives, they grace and surprise us every day with their beauty, amazing colours, shapes and scents! Here is a quick introduction and insight into the Dutch auctions in Holland.


The morning starts at the crack of dawn, they start as early as 4am and head to the dutch auctions, where the process begins. In the dutch auctions, at Aalsmeer and Rijnsberg there are usually six clocks presented at the front of the room with the flowers paraded below.

The Dutch auctions are known as ‘clock’ auctions, a type of auction in which the auctioneer sets a high asking price and is lowered until a participant is willing to accept the auctioneer’s price. A convenient way to auction goods quickly and efficiently, since a sale never requires more than one bid! The Dutch auction guarantees that the best possible price is obtained, in contrast to a traditional auction where the winning bidder may have been prepared to bid considerably more.

See below to find out the meaning of the information on the screens:  


So, what does the screen say?

The auction clock works like a magnet. Royal FloraHolland auction clocks attract supply and purchasing power from all corners of the world. The auction clock is our most important sales instrument. While the bids are shown on the screens, the flowers are displayed on the continuously moving cart trains.

  1. Top – whats up next to be auctioned
  2. Left – Flower being auctioned with information on name, type, grade, stem length, grower, weight etc.
  3. Right – Clock showing the denomination, successful bid price and the quantity sold in.

The buyers have to be on the ball at all times to ensure they buy the required amounts that their customers need, but at the best quality and price – now that’s multitasking for you!

Facts about the Dutch Auctions: 

  • Annual turnover: 4.6 billion euros and 3,000 employees
  • Plant and flower sales: 12.6 billion items a year
  • Members: 4,500 of which approx. 700 are based abroad
  • Customers: 2,400
  • Auction clocks: 36
  • The Greenport is, with Schiphol airport and the port of Rotterdam, one of the three economic ‘mainports’ of the Netherlands
  • Direct and indirect employment within the sector provides 250,000 full-time jobs
  • The Greenport is responsible for 20% of the Dutch trade surplus


Every time you place an order on our website, the order is automatically sent through to our buyers in Holland and all over the world. The flowers and foliage are sent to our UK distribution warehouse from the dutch auctions.

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