A popular theme that never goes out of fashion is vintage weddings, and quite honestly, we can’t get enough of them! The soft colour palette and beautiful decor is perfection, whether you love Art Deco, Great Gatsby or a homespun 1940’s look, it is always a great theme!

We are here to help you get the most out of your planning, to make it as stress-free as possible! So here is our selection of flowers to inspire your designs, embracing the antique appearance with a retro feel to help to create a reminiscent style of bygone days. Take a look below:

Varieties that may be of interest to you >>

Firstly, we have the beautiful Roses available in a huge variety of colours; in particular for vintage weddings the different shades of pinks, creams, nudes, antiques may tickle your fancy – from small headed to large headed, from roses to spray roses, you have a huge list of options! They are normally available in wholesale wraps of 10 to 20 stems. (Important fact: The smaller the stem length, the smaller the head size!!). 

(Photograph from left to right: Rose Avalanche, Sweet Avalanche, Sortbet, Akito) 

(Photograph from left to right: Rose Spray Lady Bombastic and Bombastic) 

(Photograph from left to right: Rose Amnesia, Peach Avalanche and Menta) 

Or take a look at these gorgeous, irresistible garden roses on our website!! High quality garden roses are becoming increasingly popular for wedding flowers and high end floristry projects. This range of Garden Style Roses is available from the Dutch Flower Auctions and we do not need advance warning as we do with the ‘Pre-Order’ Colombian Garden Roses & ‘Pre-Order’ David Austin Roses !!

(Photograph from left to right: Garden Rose Carpicco, Pink O’Hara, Yves Piaget and Vitality) 

Next, we have the Hydrangea – making its way back into season, a beautiful white, green or pale pink blossoming hydrangea can add a different texture and WOW factor to any floristry arrangement. For more info, take a look at our blog on Hydrangeas.

(Photograph from left to right: Hydrangea Ecuador, Pink Lolly Pop and Schneeball) 

Veronica – is an elegant spire shaped flower available most of the year these days. There are quite a few varieties to choose from in pinks, whites and blues

(Photograph from left to right: Veronica Caya and Clea June ) 

Waxflower  – is native to Australia and grows there naturally on heathlands and near the sea shore. Waxflower is a filler flower with small waxy petals. There are quite a few varieties and grades of waxflower these days. The rule of thumb is, as always, the longer the stem the stronger the flower.

(Photograph from left to right: Waxflower Orchid and Snow Flake) 

Brassica  – who would have thought using ornamental cabbages in a flower arrangement would look cool? – well, they always look fantastic and are usually the centre of attention. If you haven’t been bold enough to try brassica yet, pluck up your courage and give it a go! Brassica is something completely different, and although it’s just a cabbage, will always add a touch of class – available from August to the end of year and wholesaled in wraps of 10 stems…

(Photograph from left to right: Brassica Crane Bicolour and Crane freddy) 

Next up, we have Bouvardi, each stem is topped with a cluster of small, star shaped flowers surrounded by deep green leaves. Wholesale Bouvardia is a popular wedding flower and some of the white varieties are often used to substitute expensive stephanotis flowers in bridal bouquets. Bouvardia is usually available all year round and there are some lovely varieties.

(Photograph from left to right: Bouvardia Diamond White and Daphne Fresco) 

Fabulous fillers >>

Gypsophila, known as baby’s breath is perfect, whether you are doing 100% gyp – or a combination of varieties, it is, and will continue to be a very popular variety at wedding season, with its tiny white, delicate flower heads. This robust flower can be used for bouquets, button holes, for pew ends, table arrangements, flower crowns etc. the versatility is endless… With umpteen varieties of Gypsophila, so here are just some of the varieties available on our website, from the smaller headed ‘Million Star’ to medium to the larger headed ‘Xlence’! Take a look at our Gypsophila wedding blog now to find out more about this gorgeous variety!

(Photograph from left to right: Million Star, Starburst, Beauty Bride, Xlence) 

Or if the stack white is to much for you, you may want to consider different shades of dyed gypsophila to match your theme? Available in pinks, blues, golds, silvers etc.

Astilbe is a perennial with beautiful, showy flowers atop glossy, fern–like foliage, available in white and different shades of pink from light to dark. This is a perfect bouquet or floral arrangement filler. In wholesale, they are available in wraps of 10 stems.

(Photograph from left to right: Astilbe Europa, Washingthon and Erika) 

Another alternative for Gypsophila is both Alchemilla Mollis and Ammi Majus. Alchemilla Mollis, otherwise known as lady’s mantle has dense clusters of lime green flowers, whereas Ammi Majus is similar to Gyp (known as lady’s lace), it has an upright annual with pinnate leaves and compounds of umbels of small white flowers that creates a soft lace effect through a floral arrangement, and I have to say, extremely popular in the wedding season. Both varieties are available in wholesale in wraps of 50 stems.

(Photograph from left to right: Alchemilla Mollis and Ammi Majus Casablanca) 

Senecio Maritima – also known as Dusty Miller is a great addition to a bouquet or flower arrangement with its green, silvery decorative foliage that keeps to the theme and colour palette. Typically sold in wholesale wraps of 10 stems.

Senecio Maritima – Dusty Miller

Another popular foliage that has a similar colour to the Dusty Miller is Eucalytus Cinerea, this foliage is very popular all year round and perfect addition to create that antique appearance with a retro feel.. Eucalyptus Cinerea is usually sold in wholesale weighted bunches from 200 to 400gsm – with the same stem count! This means that the 400gm is heavier and has more branches / leaves on the stems. 

Eucalyptus Cinerea

Ivy Variegated is certainly a popular item for the vintage weddings for many brides, perfect addition to a create a trailing effect, whether it be in a shower bouquet, or in a table centre piece, this undoubtedly looks the part. This is available on our website, wholesaled with 10 trails at 1m long each.







From flowers to accessories, your table arrangements and the way you want to present them can impact on the flowers you ultimately decide on; there are hundreds of unique and quirky ideas that our brides come up with every year associated with vintage weddings, whether it is a done up second-hand jam jar with Hessian ribbon and lace, a quirky bird cage, a crate or a vintage tea set… Take a look below for more inspiration…


For further information, visit our website @ www.trianglenursery.co.uk/fresh-flowers,  call us on 01394 385 832 to find out more OR visit our treasure chest full of wedding flower options for colour schemes !!

Don’t forget we sell wholesale flowers to EVERYONE. So, if you are looking to do the wedding flowers DIY style, head over to our website for bundles of information and services that are there solely to help you !! For instance, we have an Estimate system designed solely to help you with budget – link @ estimates.

Look out for more blogs on wedding planning and flower advice coming soon, from country, to contemporary, exotic and Gothic weddings!



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