Flowers have been scientifically proven to make people happy – boosting your mood or lowering stress and anxiety. There really is nothing quite like receiving a bunch of beautiful blooms to elegant your space and mood. Today, we are looking to delve into the flower elements of Colour and the influence this can have on your mental health. 

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Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy is a holistic therapy that uses colour in therapy to treat physical and mental health. With a long history in complementary and alternative medicine, the ‘colour cure’ was a popular treatment for mental illness at the turn of the 20th century. They believe that different colours correspond with different vibrations in the body. If your vibrations are askew, therapists believe that if treated with the right colours, they can be restored and rebalanced. 

Colour in Design Influence Emotion

In addition, Colour has long been recognised as a powerful communication tool. It is an important psychological factor in architecture and interior design. Colours is a powerful communication tool that can evoke emotional reactions that can affect mood and stress. This may in turn exert influence on mental wellbeing. An effect that is particularly relevant to designs of the interior and exterior built environment.

The impact of colour on how we feel has been exposed in all sorts of contexts, from increasing wellbeing to productivity. Even, the potential effects to extend beyond single colours has been explored. Monotonous colour scapes may be associated with irritability, whilst intense colour patterns increase stress. 

Find the science behind how flowers make us happy and improve positive emotions here 


Lara Sanjar, Wild Renata 

Floral designer Lara Sanjar, who owns floral design studio Wild Renata, experienced the life-changing impact of flowers during her career in advertising, while suffering from severe panic attacks and depression. Through the simple task of arranging pink peonies, Lara suddenly noticed her anxious mind had been quietened and she experienced a peaceful state of calm. Lara had experienced colour therapy through flowers, which went on to become her passion. 

To evoke colour therapy using flowers, Lara created a series of mono-bouquets in the latest asymmetrical trend, bursting with good vibes.

Colour Therapy: Wild Renata

Red Roses 

Red roses have long been associated with love. In colour therapy, red stimulates physical energy, confidence and courage. If you need courage or confidence to take make a decision and take control over those tough choices in your life, choose red roses. 

Pink Tulips 

Pink tulips encourage kindness and compassion. Pink is known for relaxation, a shade of pink called ‘Baker-Miller’ is said to reduce violence in hostile environments because of the colour calming properties. 

Blue Forget me nots 

Blue is calming, it stimulates mental clarity, creativity and aspiration. If you seek to reset your busy mind whenever life gets too much, the colour blue will help. 

Yellow Chrysanthemums 

Yellow inspires hope and happiness! It also drives confidence and contentment – the perfect floral pick me up for someone facing a new challenge or milestone in their life. Similarly, chrysanthemums symbolise optimism and joy! 

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