As lockdown continues to affect those around the world, working from home has become the new normal for many of us. Finding ways to stay motivated, upbeat and productive is now more important than ever! 

Flower arrangements and plants make a great addition in a variety of corporate settings, studios and offices. They undoubtedly improve the aesthetic and have a significant impact on our mood, creativity, and productivity.

Flowers create a sensory experience for us to enjoy, combining both colour and aroma, they have the power to stimulate ‘happy’ chemicals in the brain including dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin.

According to a study by Rutgers University, they found that having flowers in the office can increase productivity, innovative thinking and helps to create a more positive environment to be in! Flowers are not typically a huge part of the British office culture, compared to Europe. In France, for example, flowers are a huge part of their everyday life, they are thought to have a better work-life balance. With a change to our new ‘normal’ work environments, this allows us an opportunity to alter and improve our work environments and see how much an effect it has on our motivation and mood. 

Lowri Dowthwaite (a lecturer in psychological interventions at the University of Central Lancashire): β€œIt’s really about connecting to where you came from and nature is where we came from. When we’re with nature we just automatically feel more at home. When we feel more at home we become more relaxed, our stress response reduces, we’re more likely to experience feelings of hopefulness, feelings of belonging and more serenity and peace.”


Mental Health in WorkplaceSimilarly, the University of Exeter conducted a study at The Chelsea Flower Show and found that office plants can assist in boosting staff well-being by up to 47% according to workplace. Psychologist Dr Craig Knight identified that designing your own workspace can improve your health, happiness and productivity (link).


Living Walls in Corporate Office or Home Decor (Skanska) Have you heard of biophilic design? The term is used in a similar vane, it simply means ‘love of life and living things,’  and refers to the connection humans feel with nature, and their basic biological need to remain in close contact with it. Bringing elements indoors from the outside into the workplace can have huge benefits for mental wellbeing.

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Bloom and Wild conducted their own study as part of β€˜Flower Power’ experiment. They asked participants if their flowers had improved their work-from-home productivity. Every single person said that they would buy more flowers to improve their workspace as it made them feel happier and boosted their productivity levels.

100% said they felt happier working from home with flowers in their space

75% said they felt a reduction in their stress levels after putting flowers in their workspace

50% said they felt more productive when they had flowers in their work space

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