Pretty pastels, rustic decor and sweet fragrances are on-trend this year. The use of pastel colours in d├ęcor, makeup and especially flowers (lavender, pink and white roses) is something to look out for to create a calming and natural style for your wedding day. Discover this week’s bouquet incorporating decorative echeveria, fragrant David Austin roses and dusky pink roses.



Rose Bridal Dusky Pink

Scabious Stellata

Gypsophila Million Stars

Rose Spray Bombastic

Astilbe Erika

Hydrangea Colombian Ivory

Dusty Miller (Senecio Maritima)

Eucalyptus Populus

Decorative Echeveria 5cm

Eucalyptus Parvifolia

Rose Purity – David Austin (or alternative is Rose Patience – David Austin)


Did you know? Using fragrances in a wedding bouquet or arrangement can evoke happy memories in later life. For more inspiration on different flowers, herbs and foliage to use, visit our blog ‘Add meaning to your Wedding Bouquets

For more inspiration on ideas and floral suggestions for a pastel colour themed wedding, visit the website here.



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