This March our Flower of the Month is Tulips. The ever-cheerful bloom that is very popular for weddings, events and even to decorate your home with to brighten your home and mood.

Throughout the month of March, just like January and February, we are releasing videos related to the Flower of the Month. The first few videos were introducing the bloom and exploring the different types of Tulips that you can purchase from Parrot, Frill, Double to the opulent French varieties!

Do it yourself

Here, we have three how-to videos using tulips in three variations, on their own, with gypsophila and with other flowers in a wedding bouquet. Which do you prefer?

How to Make a Simple Spring Bouquet with Tulips

How to Make a Simple Spring Bouquet with Tulips and Gypsophila

How to Make a Spring Bouquet with Tulips, Roses and Eucalyptus

To conclude, you can find all of the ingredients to make the arrangement on the website and more ‘do it yourself’ videos on our blog.

Stay tuned for more videos on incorporating Tulips into your floral designs, to style your home or event on our blog and youtube (don’t forget to subscribe, if you haven’t already!)


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