Carnations aren’t the most sought after flower for wedding or event flowers for that matter! Many brides are still stuck in the mindset that carnations are old fashioned, a cheap variety that you give our on Mother’s Day or at Fundraisers, but we are here to set the record straight once and for all!

Versatile. Hardy. Affordable! Today, carnations are quite unique and are available in gorgeous hues. With their ruffled, round shaped bloom, they are perfect for incorporating in bouquets and arrangements for added texture. Use single stems throughout the arrangement for a burst of colour, or bunch a few heads together to create, what may be mistaken for, a luscious peony!

Carnation Antigua

Image result for covent garden carnations

Carnation Farida

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Carnation Viper

Viper carnations at New Covent Garden Flower Market

Carnation Goblin

Image result for carnation goblin

For all of the different varieties and much more, visit our section on the website here ‘Carnations


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