It’s summer!!! Add a splash of sunshine to your big day.. whether it be a sprinkle or a handful, we have created the ultimate guide to help you decide on the flowers for your dream day!!  With certainly the best meanings, yellow flowers symbolise new beginnings and happiness.

If you think big, beautiful and yellow… what is the first thing that springs to mind…? For me, it’s sunflowers, with their large yellow petals containing vast quantities of seeds, mounted on wide upward growing stalks that are a wonder of plant architecture.

Originally native to North America, they are cultivated for the flower trade and for the production of oil. There are many varieties of sunflowers but only a handful are available as a wholesale cut flower.  An interesting fact about sunflowers, is that the stems were used to fill life jackets because of their buoyant properties. Please note: The foliage on sunflowers can usually be quite shabby because of all the energy is focussed on the flower, but NEVER use flower food to condition the flowers, this will kill them!!


From sunflowers and the powerful colouring of yellow against the dark centre, this leads us nicely on the Gerbera and Germini varieties.  Gerbera were named after the naturalist Traugtt Gerber and are a genus of the sunflower family. Gerbera have a flower head with the approximate diameter of 10cm and stems of 45cm, whereas Germini flower heads are usually between 5 and 7cm in diameter and the stems 45cm long.

Top Tip: To keep wholesale cut gerbera straight we recommend wiring the stems up and under the flowers. Adding a squeeze of bleach to the water when conditioning gerbera will always help to keep them upright and strong.

The next of the list has to be Roses, being the most popular wholesale cut flower in the world, they are available in a huge colours and shades, stem length, grade, supply and demand. Yellow roses are traditional symbol of warmth and friendship. In the far Eastern cultures, they convey a message of joy, wisdom and power!

Whether you a looking for a pale yellow version….

a bright yellow…

or even a deeper tone of yellow ….


or even,take a look at the big and beautiful David Austin roses if you are looking for a little more pizzazz… They are the perfect choice.

Whatever the shade, it’s up to whichever rose tickles your fancy and looks best in your colour scheme! One top tip that we stand by, is that ‘The longer the stem length, the larger the head size will be‘ – Shorter stemmed roses have smaller heads because they have been growing for a shorter amount of time than long stemmed roses !!’

Swiftly moving on to the chrysanthemum, considered a trusty variety and cost effective, whether you are looking for the chrysanthemum blooms, the santini, or spray… The Chrysanthemum Blooms are the large, single headed varieties, Santini Chrysanthemums are miniature multi headed spray varieties with shorter stems and smaller flower heads and finally, Spray Chrysanthemums are multi headed varieties. They are usually available all year round, but some may be seasonal (it’s worth asking, just call us on 01394 385 832 or email

Craspedia, bundles of sunshine, billy buttons, woolly heads, they certainly have that WOW factor and add a splash of colour to a bouquet, a flower crown, a flower arrangement and button holes (certainly a favourite of mine…)

A fond favourite for many is the Tulip, being a seasonal flower it has the ability to brighten any room on a dreary day. The tulips are sold in wholesale in wraps of 50 stems, available between December and towards the end of April.Tulips will always bend towards the light, so condition in their wrappers to keep straight. Floristry wire can be pushed up the stems before arranging (check flower guide for more info)

From the big and bold, to the subtle spring hints of Tanacetum, little daisies…

For further information, visit our website,  call us on 01394 385 832 to find out more OR visit our treasure chest full of wedding flower options for colour schemes !!

Don’t forget we sell wholesale flowers to EVERYONE.So, if you are looking to do the wedding flowers DIY style, head over to our website for bundles of information and services that are there solely to help you !! For instance, we have an Estimate system designed solely to help you with budget – link @estimates.

Look out for more blogs on wedding planning and flower advice coming soon, from country, to contemporary, exotic and Gothic weddings!

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