Hydrangeas are slowly coming onto the flower market and they are becoming very popular with our customers for their weddings and events.

Hydrangeas are extremely versatible flowers and are available in a wide colour palette from blush pink to deep blues. Below, we have selected five of our favourite varieties in late Spring.

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Flower Varieties:

  1. Hydrangea Bela – Beautiful cool blue with a hint of lavender variety. This variety adds a refreshing lift and touch of blue to your floral designs for weddings and events.
  2. Hydrangea Verena Pink – This soft pink Hydrangea variety adds a romantic feel to every type of floral designs from bouquets, pedestals to table arrangements. Also available in blue, classic pink and light pink.
  3. Hydrangea Schneeball – A well known variety that is popular for weddings and events. A pure white flower variety that is ideal to create a opulent and elegant design. Find an interesting guide here on How you can incorporate beautiful white Hydrangea into a pedestal arrangement.
  4. Hydrangea Beau Dali – This beautiful bloom is bi coloured, a deep blue colour shade with white edges. Ideal if you are looking to create a fresh, trendy look to your floral designs.
  5. Hydrangea Magical Amethyst Pink – This variety is truly magical as the name would suggest. The petals have a combination of pink and green colours, similar to the look of a ‘classic’ variety.

To conclude, you can find all of the ingredients on this list and more on our website here. Hydrangea varieties are available from late April through to October/November in a huge range of different colour varieties.


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