Finding the best present for Mother’s Day can be a challenge? Find our Step-by-Step on How to create a beautiful, personal gift for your Mum this year!

We have completed a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow on how to create a beautiful bouquet of flowers that you can place in a jug of choice or wrap in cellophane to give to your mum on Sunday 26th March.

Option 1: Create a bouquet to display and to brighten the home this Mother’s Day!

Option 2: Create a beautiful bunch of flowers wrapped in cellophane & tissue paper of choice, to give you your Mum, Grandma or carer this Mother’s Day!

Creating the bouquet

Step 1: Find the ingredients for your recipe – including a selection of your mum’s favourite flowers, scissors and other materials.


Step 2: Prepare your ingredients. Prepare and condition the flowers, cutting the stems and removing any foliage from the stem. If you are opting for option 2, put water into the jug / vase of choice and flower food (please read the instructions on the flower food).


Step 3: Depending on the flowers, you may need to prepare them before arranging them into your bouquet. For instance, with Germini / Gerbera you will need to wire the heads. This can easily be done by using green stub wire or stand up wires.


Step 4: Start with the filler flowers, creating a base. Here we have a combination of gypsophila (x 1 stem) and thlaspi green bell (x 1 stem).


Step 5: Create a symmetrical pattern with  your focal flowers. Here we have used both the roses and germini. Top tip: Use an odd number of stems for each of the focal flowers as this creates a more aesthetically pleasing look to the end result. 


Step 6: Add any additional flowers to the bouquet to create a fuller look. Here we have added Chrysanthemum Spray Code Green.


Option 1

Step 7: To secure the bouquet in place, tie the stems with twine.


Step 8: Now you have finished creating your bouquet, it is now time to think about the presentation. If you have chosen to present the bouquet in a jug or vase, you will need to cut the stems to size to ensure that it sits correctly in the container. Hold the bouquet next to the container to judge the stem length that will need to be removed.

Top tip: If you are unsure of the length you require, you can do this in stages, cutting a small amount each time before you reach the required length. 


Step 9: Here is the finished result.


Option 2: 

There is an option of creating a cellophane wrap to surround your bouquet. Perfect if you are looking to give you mum, grandma or carer a bouquet out and about.

Step 10: Cut two pieces of cellophane, roughly 90cm wide and use two sheets of tissue paper. Using the first piece of cellophane, place the tissue paper on top.


Step 11: Fold the cellophane at an angle and use a stapler to secure in place.


Step 12: Depending on the size of the bouquet, repeat the process.


Step 13: It is now time to wrap the prepared cellophane around the bouquet. Simply, place the bouquet in the middle of the cellophane and lift both sides to meet in the middle. Secure with waterproof tape at the top and bottom (as shown below).


Step 14: To attach the second piece of prepared cellophane, position the bouquet using the peaks as a guide and secure the second piece using the same method.


Step 15: To ensure the cellophane is nice and secure, wrap waterproof tape around the base of the bouquet (as shown below).


Step 17: Now you have wrapped the bouquet, you may want to add a bow to finish. You can either create a figure 8 bow or a chocolate box bouquet. For further information on how to create a bow, visit our Youtube channel.


Step 18: Here is the finished result.


Go the extra mile this Mother’s Day for your Mum or Grandma! The perfect way to get creative & have fun this March! For more how to guides and inspiration, please visit our website or blog.

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We would love to view your bouquets or creations this Mother’s Day. Send your photographs on email or tag us on social media @trianglenursery.



  1. Wow thanks for this tutorial, very understandable instructions …I’m going to give it a go!

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