The Perfect Christmas for a Florist

The perfect christmas gift. For all those novices, students and church arrangers, sometimes the most practical present, is the best present of all!

Flowers are often among the highlights of celebrations, weddings, dinner parties, ceremonies, birthdays and funerals. Flowers can grace our lives with their beauty and scent to be displayed in beautiful arrangements in all shapes and sizes !

Depending on your budget and time schedule, flower arrangements can either be purchased from a florist’s shop, using their expertise and time to select the perfect blooms and creating a spectacular finished product for you and your event OR likewise, you could purchase the flowers wholesale and create the flower arrangements yourself. Get stuck in and enjoy a new hobby by learning how to arrange flowers (tick it off that never ending bucket list!) and rope in friends and family to help out!

Before amateur florists can start working, they need access to the must-have floral supplies. Bowls and vases are essential, as are scissors or clippers for cutting stems. Floral tape, floral foam, and elastic bands help to hold flowers in the correct place within an arrangement. In addition, there is a need supplies to preserve their arrangements, including flower food and a refrigerated space.

Below is the top 5 florist must-haves:

(1) Floristry Tools: Sharp Scissors or Knife 

At number 1, we have a pair of sharp scissors, garden pruning snips or a knife. Florists need a way to cut the stems of the flowers and greenery for the conditioning process and to start working with them. For florist tools, take a look at our category: Tools.


(2) Floristry Tape

Floral tape is another essential tool for flower arrangements. Floral tape, for example anchor tape, parafilm and tack tape can  be used in a number of ways. Primarily, it can be used to bind stems together and cover  unsightly bands / parts of the arrangements. If necessary, the floral tape can be concealed using a pretty ribbon and pins to create the perfect finish! Choosing the right kind of tape can be difficult for novice buyers:


Anchor tape is commonly the most used type of tape in a florists. It is a very strong cotton backed florists tape is used to secure floral foam to plastic containers, covering the twine tying joint of a bouquet to bind the stems together. The anchor tape is available in two sizes, a 6mm and 12mm – the wider is easier to use as opposed to the narrower 6mm as there is a bigger surface area! (photograph: right)

Parafilm is used to cover the mechanics when creating buttonholes, corsages and flower crowns. The film itself acts as a seal to lock in the moisture for the cut stems. Top tip: It is much easier to work with the tape if you have warmer hands as it is easier to work with! The tape is stretchy, the more you stretch, the more it sticks to itself. When your hands are warm, the easier it is to stretch sufficiently (photograph: left).

Tack Tape is similar to what we call blue tac, but it is waterproof and acts as an oasis fix to hold items in place. For example, anchoring a candle in a candle cup.

For floristry tape products, take a look at our category: Tape

(3) Floral Foam 

Floral foam is one of many florists favourite tool. Before the invention of floral foam, florists used to use newspaper to hold flowers in the correct position. Today, the floral foam does the job for you and allows you to create beautiful, stable arrangements.


Choosing the right kind of floral foam can be difficult for novice buyers. It needs to: (1) absorb water swiftly and thoroughly, without dry spots deep in the foam. The more quickly the water is absorbed into the foam, the sooner the florist can begin to work on the arrangement. For creating arrangements with fresh flowers, florists use ‘Wet Floral Foam‘ (colour: green) as opposed to working with artificial silk flowers, florists use ‘Dry Floral Foam‘ (colour: beige). (2) Hold up well when it is being handled. Floral foam also needs to hold up well when it is handled. The most frustrating thing for any user is crumbly floral foam, with tiny pieces flaking off during shaping and arranging can make the process much harder than usual! Good floral foam holds its form while the work is being done! (3) Sturdy to withstand the weight of all the flowers in an arrangement. As each stem is inserted into the foam, a little more weight is added. So, the foam must remain supportive and strong once the arrangement is assembled. For floral foam products, take a look at our category: Floral Foam.

(4) Floristry Wire 

Floristry wire is used to support flowers both internally and externally and for decorative purposes. Choosing the right kind of floristry wire can be difficult for novice buyers:

Green Stub wire is the most common and used to support flowers when creating arrangements. The wire can be used to internally support a rose head for a buttonhole or externally support a gerbera / germini (video: How to make a Gerbera bouquet).


Silver Rose Wire is used to bind corsages or bouquets, create ‘stitch wiring’ for foliage in buttonholes (to bend leaf into position) and for decorative purposes.


The reel wire, otherwise known as binding wire (SWG: Standard wire gauge) is commonly used in all floristry work. A heavier gauge is ideal at this time of year for binding moss to wreath frames and a lighter gauge is used in bouquet work.

The bullion wire and aluminum wire is used for decorative purposes, creating shapes and springs within flower arrangements. Aluminium wire is ideal in contemporary arrangements.

For floristry wire, take a look at our category: Floristry Wire.

(5) Flower care products

Flower food can make arranged flowers last up to twice as long. The flower food is usually a sugary powder that is sprinkled in water inside the vase or bowl that holds the arrangement. The sugars and other additives within flower food add nutrients to the water and prevent growth of harmful bacteria. Flower food also controls the acidity of water. For flower care products, take a look at our category: Flower Care


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