Moss has become increasingly popular this year for weddings, events, flower shows, unique, somewhat quirky gifts and of course, for the festive season ahead of us! Our customers tend to surprise us with the innovative ideas they come up with ways to use the moss – Take a look below to find out more information of the moss we supply at Triangle Nursery and some nifty ideas for the season ahead!


Types of Moss

There are an array of different types of moss available and it can be difficult to identify which one is the perfect moss for you. Here is a list of the varieties we stock and supply at Triangle Nursery throughout the year, along with information on what they are and what they can be used for / with:

English Natural Moss

To begin, the English Sphagnum Moss is a fresh, harvested moss that is loosely packed. It is useful for retaining moisture. This moss is very popular in the christmas period for making and basing wire frame rings for Blue Spruce and Holly wreaths!



Flat Carpet Moss

Next is Carpet moss. This is a commercially grown fresh moss that has a brighter green top surface with an underside of debris. As it says in the name, this moss is flat, similar to a carpet, so, it is ideal for creating a neater effect and finishing your hyacinths baskets for gifts this Christmas! It was extremely popular for the Chelsea Flower show this year!


Peat Moss

The Peat Moss is similar to carpet moss, but is gathered from the natural environment so is less uniform in shape!


Cushion Moss

Another fresh variety of moss is cushion moss. The moss itself resembles a pin cushion, shaped in small rounded pieces in a brighter green tone. This can be used to add an element of interest and texture of arrangements and centre pieces!



Silver Moss

The silver moss is similar to the cushion moss, resembling a pin cushion with a visually appealing silver tone! This is a fresh product and can be used for decorative purposes. Due to it’s silvery appearance, why not add an element of interest and texture to your arrangements this season for a winter wonderland theme wedding?



Finland Reindeer Moss

Finland Reindeer moss is a preserved product that is treated with glycerine. The natural variety that is available is sold in a grey tone, but is available in a variety of different dyed colours. This moss is perfect for decorative purposes, making wreaths and miniature christmas trees and decorating centre pieces in the festive season!



Forest Moss

This forest moss is a dried product. Used: Decorative purposes






Festive cheat

Are you making your own wreath rings this christmas season – we have moss rings that are a festive cheat to help you do them a little quicker! Take a look at our website for more information.


Inspiration and ideas


I hope this has given you a little more of an idea of the types of moss we sell and supply to customers across mainland UK and also some inspiration to get you in the spirit this year! If you would like to know more about us, visit our website or call us on 01394 385 832.


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