The Calla Lily is a truly unique and elegant flower. Their shape is like no other and are available in a huge range of colours & stem lengths. Calla lilies are grown from bulbous roots called tubers and are known under a variety of different names such as Pig Lilies, Calla Lilies, Arum Lilies, Trumpet Lilies and Zantedeschia. Calla lilies are not really lilies – they are part of the zantedeschia genus and originate from South Africa. Calla Lilies are grown commercially under glass and are available on the wholesale flower markets between February and the end of August.


calla-lily-cantor-black-purple-wholesaleCalla lilies are an extremely popular wedding flower used widely in bridal bouquets, table arrangements, button holes and venue decoration creating a modern and elegant feel. White is the colour of choice for wedding work and are available in different varieties and stem lengths thus offering different flower sizes and shapes. The only downfall of white calla lilies is that their natural season ends just before September starts. Because of this supply is at its lowest in August, which means that prices are at their highest in the UK’s most popular wedding month of the year.

Calla lilies are also available on the wholesale flower markets in a huge array of coloured varieties, from pastel creams and peaches through vibrant cerises, reds, bi-colored and to nearly black!


TOP TIPS to get the best out of your wholesale Calla Lillies: 

  • On receipt, cut the stems with a sharp knife at 45 degrees.
  • Avoid touching the flower heads with your hands.
  • Sterilise a flower bucket and fill with clean water & add flower food. (Hot Tip – If you do not have any flower food, simply add a few tablespoons of lemonade to the water. Lemonade contains citric acid, which is one of the ingredients of flower food!!)
  • Place the flowers in the bucket and leave to re-hydrate for 4/5 hours, (or  over night), in a cool room. (Do not cram the flowers in – use more than one bucket if necessary).
  • Try to keep the temperature around 8 degrees.

Never leave cut flowers in direct sun light, near a radiator, in a draft or near fruit. (The gas used to ripen fruit will harm most flowers). Keep the calla lilies in a cool place and always keep out of the way of children.You can buy wholesale calla lilies on our Web-Shop.

Here are some examples of how you can use Calla Lilies in your arrangements:

For table arrangements 

2014-06-19 11.33.402014-06-19 11.34.10 DSC02698

Wedding Bouquets 

2014-01-19 11.06.41 2014-09-13 10.25.03





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