Mother’s Day is just around the corner.. a perfect way to express  how much you love and appreciate everything your mum has done for you is to buy (or make) a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day!!

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This blog outlines some of the popular flowers available around Mother’s Day, along with top tips and advice from the Triangle ladies to help you make the most of the blooms this year. Firstly, you should consider what are your mothers favourite flowers or colours, where she normally displays flowers and choose flowers that will compliment the colours in her home. Another consideration is the significance and meaning of the flowers.

Top 7 flowers for Mother’s Day:


Our first choice is Roses which have long been associated with motherhood, a very popular choice at Mother’s Day. They are sacred to the Greek goddess, Isis, who was seen as the ideal mother and symbolises the Virgin Mary. In particular, pink roses signify grace, elegance and appreciation and yellow roses symbolise friendship.

Always keep in mind when choosing your Wholesale Cut Roses is the price can vary depending on the variety, the stem length, the grade, supply and demand. A simple rule of thumb when buying cut roses is the longer the stem, the larger the flower head and the longer vase life! Shorter stemmed roses have smaller heads because they have been growing for a shorter amount of time compared to long stemmed roses.


If you have been rose’d out after Valentines Day, roses may not be your first choice. Alternatively, you may want to go for the Classic Carnations, famous for their long vase life, reliability and very popular at Mother’s Day. Carnations continue to dominate the list of flowers brought for a Mother’s  Day gift available in a range of colours. Interestingly, the founder of Mother’s Day, Miss Anna Jarvis sent 500 white carnations to the Andrew Methodist Episcopal Church in West Virginia with the sole aim to distribute flowers among the mothers; and so, the tradition continues, sending flowers on Mother’s Day is a token of thanks for all her love and care. In particular, Miss Jarvis said ‘The white carnation is preferred because it may be thought to typify some of the virtues of motherhood; … whiteness stands for purity; its lasting qualities, faithfulness; its fragrance, love; its wide field of growth, charity; its form, beauty...’


Another elegant choice is the Lilac, with their sweet smelling attractive flowers make them a very popular and special choice this Mother’s Day. They symbolise not only love (popular in weddings) but also, the love between a mother and their child.

Lilac ‘Syringa Vulgaris’


Iris is yet another popular choice, available in an array of colours and varying in meaning. The flower itself symbolises eloquence, affection and warmth. A purple iris symbolises wisdom and compliments, the blue iris symbolises faith and hope, the yellow iris symbolises passion, while white symbolises purity. These gorgeous flowers, especially white, blue and purple tend to be the most popular for Mother’s Day.

Fresh Flowers at Market


What about Orchids? Every mum is bound to love a bouquet of beautiful exotic flowers for Mother’s Day. Orchids typically fall into four main categories; Cymbidium, Dendrobrium, Phalaenopsis and Vanda (take a look at our flower guides to see the difference). Orchids typically symbolise many children, refinement and beauty (in China).

White Phalaenopsis Orchids


Lilies, normally considered an Easter flower, are so beautiful, who could possibly resist! The Greek Lore associates the Lily meaning with birth and it is a symbol for motherhood because the flowers was said to be created from the breast milk of Hera. This bulbous plant with large trumpet-shaped, typically fragrant, flowers on a slender stem. The florists at Triangle Nursery Ltd would recommend either a bunch of lilies or adding a few white lilies or calla lilies to a mixed bouquet for Mother’s Day.

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The final, and a favourite choice of ours are Tulips – the bright, simplistic and colourful flowers are associated with new life, charity and spring. They are a seasonal flower usually available between the start of December and the end of April. Tulips have a single flower per stem and rubbery leaves. With their beauty and grace, these flowers are always a popular option on Mother’s Day!

Top Tips and advice

Price Warning

The price of flowers may be expensive this year at Mother’s Day as it is on the same day as Russian Ladies day. The demand at flower auctions is expected to be high – so please consider this when you are doing costings for Mother’s Day.

Don’t sap the fun out of spring

When choosing the perfect blooms for your mother this Mother’s Day, avoid mixing spring flowers such as Daffodils, Hyacinths and Narcissi with other flowers, as they release sap that other flowers do not like and they can often react badly and this could potentially ruin a beautiful bunch of flowers!

Beware of the pollen

Hay fever can be a nightmare for flower fans and enthusiasts. If you are buying flowers for someone that suffers from hay fever, it is advisable to avoid flowers like lilies, freesia and daffodils that have visible pollen and instead choose a trusty flower like roses.

Do It Yourself

If you are considering buying the flowers wholesale and creating your own bunch of flowers for your mother this year, take a look at our website and Youtube videos to help you when conditioning, preparing and even creating the bouquet, including the spiral flower arranging technique. Click on the link below to be directed to our Youtube page:

If your thinking of doing it yourself and worried about the costs, take a look at our Estimate system on our website: and request an estimate. At Triangle Nursery Ltd, one of specialist advisers will provide you with a free, no obligation estimate to help you decide  the type of flowers, the quantities and ultimately, calculate the price for you (including delivery and VAT).

Wholesale Cut flowers Care

Step 1: Flowers should be unpacked immediately on arrival.

Step 2: Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife (this should give you a larger surface area.)

Step 3: Strip the lower foliage from the stems

Step 4: Fill your buckets with luke warm water and add the flower food at the appropriate rates. Flowers should be left in the water for at least 2/3 hours before arranging and preferably overnight.

Never leave cut flowers in direct sun light, near a radiator, in a draft or near fruit. (The gas used to ripen fruit will harm most flowers). Keep the flowers in a cool place and always keep out of the way of children.

For a more informative step by step guide on how to condition your Wholesale Cut Flowers, take a look at our website:

Order and Delivery

To order Wholesale Cut flowers for Mother’s Day delivery (either on Thursday, Friday or Saturday), please order online between Friday 26th February through to Monday 29th February up until 11pm or alternatively, call us on 01394 385 832 and the ladies in the office will be happy to help!

We can deliver wholesale cut flowers, foliage and floral sundries to trade and non-trade accounts, with no minimum order and directly to addresses in Mainland UK and Northern Ireland.  Please look at our website for more delivery information:




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