Triangle Nursery Ltd

Based in Martlesham, Suffolk, UK


It is a family-run wholesale flower company based in Suffolk.

Four generations ago, the business was first opened and was formerly known as C&J Webster. It was very different in the 1920’s, where they grew the flowers in the Lea Valley’s with love and attention then hauled them off to market for sale.

girlstomatoes_2525427kIn World War II, the men in the family were not shipped to war but stayed in the industry growing food and vegetables, to sell as this was deemed a necessity. ‘Dig to Victory.’

At this point, my great grandfather was very lucky as his two son-in-laws came into the business and continued on the family traditional growing. My grandad, Peter Willson, started the mind set of innovation in the early days when he decided to sell directly to flower shops (unheard of at this time!!) & then later, in the late 70’s, he started to import the flowers and supplement the flowers that he was growing. From here the business has grown in leaps and bounds and is currently run by Peter’s daughter, Mary Willson and Mark Kenny.

family portrait - willson034

Today, it is solely an internet based company with no fields or glass houses in sight, importing a daily of dose of flowers from Holland, the Dutch auctions, that are delivered early in the mornings and packed up into bundles of joy & happiness to send to all of our wonderful customers, to florist shops, trade and non-trade accounts.


We are so proud to say that it has gone from strength to strength ever since, & flowers continue to form such a big part of who my family is today. Fashions & trends will always change, however the demand for top quality flowers & customer service will never! Our number one motivation is to deliver this service every day to every one of our lovely customers!

We offer a range of services such as estimates for future events, videos, flower guides and lots more! To find our website, visit


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 Or contact us on 01394 385832

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