In this week’s elegant mix, we have a selection of seasonal and all year round flower varieties. The wedding season is in full swing and this palette is one of the most popular palettes. 


  1. Pittosporum Tal – Variegated variety is very popular in bouquet gift work, weddings and funeral tributes. 
  2. Ammi Majus Visnaga – Ammi Majus is among the best white filler-foliage plants available, highly fashionable for cutting, lacy, elegant and simply splendid arranged in a great cloud on its own. 
  3. Lisianthus Alissa Double White – Popular flower for all types of floral design. The Alissa is particularly pretty as offers a frilly edge to the flower. One stem of Lisianthus can be broken down into 2-3 stems to make it more cost effective and versatile in arrangements. 
  4. Hypericum Coco Bamboo – Popular flower variety for summer, autumn and festive arrangements. Available in green, as well as other colours such as pink, salmon, white, red and burgundy. 
  5. Germini Albino – staple for a florist, this flower is cost effective, versatile and long lasting. Germini albino is a popular white flower variety and is often used in wedding work, funerals and gift bouquets.  
  6. Pistache – hardy foliage that is very popular for bouquets work. 
  7. Veronica Caya – popular filler flower variety that is available in white, lilac and pink.
  8. Clematis Havana – seasonal flower popular for wedding work. 
  9. Astrantia Million Stars – Astrantia is a popular flower variety that is available all year round. Very popular for wedding and gift bouquet. Ideal for rustic, natural and wild flower styled themes, especially in jam jars. Can be used in buttonholes, corsages and flower crowns. Also available in Mauve, red and white. 
  10. Gypsophila Million stars – One of the most popular flowers in the wedding industry for it’s versatility. These dainty small white flowers are long lasting and can be used for bouquets, buttonholes, flower crowns, floral arches and much more. The flowers are available in small to large headed varieties.
  11. Rose Alpe D’huez – Amongst many white roses, Rose Alpe d’huez is a small to medium rose that is popular in wedding work. 
  12. Bupluerum Griffithi – Popular with flower arrangers, hare’s ear, Bupleurum rotundifolium ‘Griffithii’ has bright lime green flowers and foliage, the perfect foil for more brightly coloured blooms.
  13. Rose Spray Snowflake – Popular white spray rose offering a transitional form for all types of floral design. Great for buttonholes, corsages and flower crowns. 
  14. Waxflower Maya – popular seasonal flower that offers a beautiful delicate petal formation and citrus fragrance. 
  15. Astilbe Washingthon – Feathery astilbe is very popular for weddings & events. Available in beautiful colour palettes from white, blush pink, cerise pink to deep rich red. 

All of the above varieties and more are available to view on the website here

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