In this week’s flower mix, we are exploring a combination of bright yellow Summer blooms to inspire you for up and coming weddings and events. 


  1. Solidago Golden Glory – A fantastic filler flower available year round. 
  2. Sunflowers Sunrich Orange – statement yellow focal flower epitomises summer. Take advantage of this bloom in Summer. 
  3. Lisianthus Corelli Double Yellow – a staple for florist. Lisianthus is one of our favourites, available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. It can be incorporated in all types of floral design, weddings, funerals and gift work. This yellow variety is a cream colour hue, instead of a vibrant yellow. 
  4. Carnation Spray Sunshine – a florist staple, cost effective and versatile. Spray carnations are great to create recession within design work and add a burst of colour. Can be found in other colours including pink, white, red and more. 
  5. Rose Spray Snowflake – transitional flower that is very popular for wedding & event work. Can be used in gift, funeral and wedding work, especially in bouquets, buttonholes and corsages. 
  6. Craspedia Yellow – Billy buttons, pockets of sunshine, craspedia add a burst of colour to any arrangement. Can be suited to rustic or cottage garden themed designs. 
  7. Germini Davidson – a florist staple, germini (and gerbera) are cost effective and versatile. Can be suited to contemporary and minimalist designs. Available in a wide range of colours such as cerise, yellow, orange, purple and red. Great for coverage and add burst of colour to the arrangement. 
  8. Chrysanthemum Santini Aviso – another staple, chrysanthemums are a great perfect for bulk in bouquets. Cost effective, versatile and available in a wide range of colours. This particular variety can be used in buttonholes and corsages to replicate a similar look to sunflowers. 
  9. Rose Solero – Beautiful small to medium deep yellow, golden rose pairs well with Sunflowers. 
  10. Carnation (standard) Sunshine – Round form, bright yellow carnation is long lasting, cost effective and versatile. It is suitable for all styles of floral design, wedding, funeral and gift work. 
  11. Chrysanthemum Spray Code – Popular variety for bouquet work to add bulk, as well as basing or adding detail to funeral design work (2D/3D designs). Cost effective, long lasting and versatile, code green is a great chrysanthemum to consider. 
  12. Tanacetum Single Vegmo – Pretty and dainty. Tanacetum Single Vegmo is perfect for rustic, cottage garden and wild flower styled themes to add a small daisy. Alternative daisies include leucanthemum or germini.
  13. Bupluerum Griffithi – Popular with flower arrangers, hare’s ear, Bupleurum rotundifolium ‘Griffithii’ has bright lime green flowers and foliage, the perfect foil for more brightly coloured blooms.
  14. Ammi Majus Visnaga -Ammi Majus is among the best white filler-foliage plants available, highly fashionable for cutting, lacy, elegant and simply splendid arranged in a great cloud on its own. 

All of the above varieties and more can be found on the website here


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