The Garden Challenges continue…. The weeks in lockdown are flying by now, and it is certainly different to what we are used to, with most of us staying at home. Our staff are continuing to lift spirits and add a touch of floral inspiration to our days by sending wonderful ‘how to’ tutorials! Whatever your situation is, whether you are working from home, a keyworker, a mom-teacher, or your simply enjoying the time you have in lockdown with your family, we are all in this together! Stay positive, stay motivated and most importantly, stay safe.

Today, our quick and simple tutorial is incorporating the flowers and greenery from your garden. Create a decor bowl for your dining table or coffee table to bring nature into your home, especially with the looming weather reports in England!

Step 1

You will need the following:

  • Shallow bowl
  • Foraged greenery with different shapes and textures (agapanthus, ivy, etc)
  • Foraged flowers
  • Pair of scissors

Start by adding water to the shallow bowl

Lockdown Activities with Flowers with Triangle Nursery

Step 2

Using foraged greenery, here we are using agapanthus leaves (you could also use Tulips, Alliums, etc) roll up into tight balls. Place in the centre or in the desired position in the bowl.

Lockdown Activities with Flowers with Triangle Nursery

Step 3

Continue to add the foraged greenery into the bowl to add further texture and character to the design.

PHOTO-2020-04-16-19-07-47 (3)

Lockdown Activities with Flowers with Triangle Nursery

Step 5

Use the rolls of foraged greenery in the centre of the vase to act as small vases for your flowers.

PHOTO-2020-04-16-19-07-47 (5)


It really is that simple! A great way to get creative and inspired bringing nature into your home this lockdown.

Lockdown Activities with Flowers with Triangle Nursery

Have a go yourselves? It really is that simple! Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more ideas on how you can explore new techniques to expand your floral skill set using accessible materials in your home, your fridge and your garden! Like us, comment in the box below and share our ideas with family and flower lovers!


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