This week our Garden Challenge is on how to make a wrist corsage using foraged flowers and greenery from your garden. Hone in on your skills or even learn something new in lockdown with our floral inspiration. Today, we are demonstration how you can make a wrist corsage using a bracelet in four simple steps!

Step 1

Gather all of your ingredients to make your corsage, you will need:

  • Rose (silver) wire
  • Parafilm or stemtex
  • Foraged Flowers
  • Foraged Greenery
  • Corsage Bracelet
  • Pair of Scissors

Lockdown Activities with Flowers with Triangle Nursery

Step 2

First, start by wiring the components of the corsage with the rose wire. Stitch wire or creating a double / single leg mount depending on the type of foraged flowers and greenery that you are using to creat the corsage with.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to construct the corsage. Using the parafilm (or stemtex), position the materials and tape together to secure in place.

If you are using parafilm, hold the tape end in place with a finger while you pull the tape taut, stretching it slightly as you wrap it around the stems. It is easier to do if your hands are warm, wrapping the stretched tape over itself makes it stick. The tape is covered in a wax adhesive that does not activate until the tape is stretched, and it sticks only to itself. It may take a few practices before you get the hang of it!

Cut the stems at the bottom once you are finished and are happy with the placement of the flowers and greenery. Tape the end of the corsage to seal in the moisture and cover the mechanics.

Lockdown Activities with Flowers with Triangle Nursery

Step 4

Next, you will need to attach the pre-made corsage to the wrist bracelet. Normally, the bracelets are sold with a plastic layer and pieces of thread to allow you to fix the corsage onto the bracelet with ease. You can also use floral glue to attach the corsage onto the bracelet.


There you have it, a wrist corsage in 4 simple steps!

Lockdown Activities with Flowers with Triangle Nursery

Thank you for reading today’s blog on how to make your own wrist corsage. Why not have a go yourselves? It really is that simple! Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more ideas on how you can explore new techniques to expand your floral skill set using accessible materials in your home, your fridge and your garden! Like us, comment in the box below and share our ideas with family and flower lovers!



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