It’s safe to say that the last few weeks including Easter have been different to what we’re used to, with most of us staying home, some of us busy working and all of us worried about loved ones that we’re unable to see. Whatever your situation, we hope that you’re able to enjoy at least some relaxation, fun family time and enjoying the beauty of nature to help brighten what’s been a dark and difficult few weeks – especially if the sun keeps its promise to shine!

This April, our team have been inspired by the fiery birth colour, Cayenne Red. We have explored a huge range of beautiful flower varieties that incorporate this colour into different styles of arrangements from weddings, funerals to home deccor.

April Series Exploring Cayenne Red with Flowers with Triangle Nursery

Across the course of the month, we are creating how to guides relevant to the colour Cayenne Red in 5 different areas of floral design (1) Weddings (2) Funeral (3) Home Decor (4) Corporate and finally (5) Simple (very) Vase Design. Discover our top 3 designs that we made in April below…

Cayenne Red Inspired Tropical Bridal Bouquet

Bright, fiery tones are the perfect contribution to a tropical flower bouquet. Popular tones for a summer or autumn wedding or celebration. If you are looking to save money and tropical flowers are too pricey, use a similar style using bright standard, all year round flowers such as germinis, roses and other seasonal blooms.

Find the full tutorial here

Blog Bouquet.png

Cayenne Red Inspired Hat Box Design

A sweet, pretty and thoughtful gift that is sure to turn heads! Get creative and stay motivated during the lockdown and gift a friend, relative or someone that simply deserves it, it really is the perfect floral pick me up! Also would be great as a Valentines gift using fiery red, blush pinks paired with silvery green Eucalyptus (everyone’s favourite).

Find the full tutorial here

Blog Home Decor

Cayenne Red Inspired Corporate Martini Vase

For a corporate event or a welcome display, this design is really simple statement design that will turn heads!

Blog Corporate Design

Stay tuned for next month’s birth colour in May to keep you entertained and informed during the lockdown. We have more exciting flower varieties and content planned for you in May and across the year!


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