Gypsophila, gyp or baby’s breath, continues to be rated one of the most popular flowers for weddings and events.

A tiny cluster of delicate white flower that are long lasting and never fail to make an impact. From bouquets, flower crowns, table centres to flower arches, our customers are always coming up with new and inspiring ideas how they can incorporate this cost effective, pretty bloom into their day.

This September, we are exploring the different varieties that are available on the flower market, along with sharing how you can incorporate the flower into different flower arrangements on our video tutorials.

We’ve previously touched on the topic on our blog¬†mainly due to the popularity with our customers!

There are many different varieties that are sold, with the main difference being the head size and the grade! From small headed, Starburst and Million Stars that are approximately 5mm in head size to large, Snowball, Overtime and Mirabella that are approximately 1cm in head size.

Stay tuned for more how to tutorials and information this month on Gypsophila, conditioning tips and how you can incorporate into designs.


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