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Discussion on Lilies

In the lead up to Easter, both Easter lilies and calla lilies are the forefront of our minds along with other seasonal flowers. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk to you about lilies, their characteristics, opening times, conditioning and much more. Flower varieties discussed today include; Lily longiflorum Lily Oriental Lily LA Lily Asiatic Lily …

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April: Daffodils and Narcissus

Nothing says Spring like the sight of Daffodils. After months of grey skies and rain, these first signs of the new season are very welcome. This month, we are here to introduce different varieties of Daffodil and Narcissi to you. Exploring the flower varieties and how you can incorporate into floral designs. 

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This elegant spired bloom is known as Veronica. In recent years, this flower has become extremely popular for wedding flowers to use in bouquets, table arrangements and other designs. It is ideal to create a playful shape and works with every colour scheme.