Autumn is becoming very popular to get married. It’s a season where the colour of nature and the landscape start to change. Capture the beauty and the warmth of the season in your arrangements, using flowers that reflect the colour of the season, deep and rich shades of orange, red and gold, as well as using berries and foliage.

Top Fall Wedding Flowers | Holex Flower


Our Favorite Fall Wedding Flowers:

  1. Cyperus Spider – This one is great as a playful filler in your wedding arrangement.
  2. Symphoricarpos Magical Avalanche – Berried snowberries are perfect additional to a fall wedding, capturing the texture of the natural landscape. Matches a white wedding dress perfectly.
  3. Tricyrtis – The beautiful pattern and purple colour fit perfectly in this years fall wedding trend, Ultra Violet.
  4. Astrantia Million Star – This fantastic flower now available AYR (all year round) and is one of our favourites. The white and green give a very fresh and modern look.
  5. Scabious Stellata – This seed head is a fabulous variety that captures the true essence of autumn, although fresh, gives off a dried effect. Similar to the look of Craspedia, it is a round shape with interesting texture and feel in a brown tone.
  6. Spray Rose Jana – This beautiful and strong white spray Rose is always a good choice.
  7. Spray Rose Chococcino – Wedding arrangements cannot lack Roses or spray roses for that matter. Here, we have one of our favourites of the season. This spray rose is a dark, reddy-brown colour shade that is very unique – and don’t you think it has the best name!
  8. Acacia Tourner – Just look at the playful leaves. What an ordinary filler.
  9. Hydrangea Elbtal Classic Purple – Classic Hydrangeas are always a good choice. This purple classic also fits great in this years trend.
  10. Ligustrum Black Pearl – These wonderful black spheres add depth to your designs. Berries are always considered a good option for a fall wedding or event, whether you opt for Ligustrum, Viburnum de inge or even hypericum, using berries, dried fruits and foliage can bring the outdoors inside and capture the true essence of the season.
  11. Hydrangea Verena Classic Light Green – Wow! What a bright green color.
  12. Astilbe Erika – Longing for a delicate, feathery touch to your arrangement, then start with Astilbe, available in pastel and vibrant pinks, whites, purples and deep clarets, this is certainly a popular choice.
  13. Skimmia Rubella – Another flower  (or foliage) from this list with beautiful fall colours.
  14. Carnation Apple Tea – This pink/peach coloured standard carnation is very romantic.
  15. Acacia Luna Argento – Just look at the amazing shape of this flower. So wonderful.
  16. Oak Leaves – A beautiful shaped green that works great in your wedding designs. You can purchase dyed that can bring out the colour of the season.
  17. Crocosmia Pods Nimbus – Dark brown/red. This Crocosmia is simply great.
  18. Setaria Whole Milk Grass – Fluffy, stylish and romantic. This Setaria easily deserved a spot on our list of favourite fall wedding flowers. Use this foliage to drape over your containers, in your floral garland or bouquets.
  19. Crocosmia Pods Babylon – Suitable for fall designs but this flower would also perfectly fit in a Halloween themed bouquet!
  20. Amaranthus Red – Not just the flower is beautiful coloured, but also the stem! Similar to the Setaria, this flower is particularly popular to hang in your wedding designs!

Click here to visit our Pinterest mood board for more flower varieties in this colour tone, as well as great idea incorporating this colour into your arrangements! To conclude, all the flowers in this post are available on our website.

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