Protea Blushing Bride is one of the most sought after wedding flowers. Otherwise known as Serruria, it is a flowering plant in the Protea family and native to South Africa.

Colours and Shapes

Protea Blushing Bride is commonly sold in pink which is typically available in mid-June. By mid-July, the flower turns to white with a slight blush to resemble the name and continues to like this until the end of the season which can run to the end of October.

This flower is multi headed and star shaped with a papery feel. The stem length can vary from 30 to 60cm and can range from 1 to 10 blooms per bunch with a long vase life.


Blushing bride has to be the most perfect wedding flower ever, aside from bridal cheer or beauty bride gypsophila. Legend has it that they were given their name, Blushing bride, because men on their way to propose would wear one in their buttonhole or lapel. Everyone in town would know their intentions and the bride would blush!

Design Combinations

Serruria is a versatile flower that looks stunning on their own or combined with other flowers with a soft pink or cream colour palette. This unique flower can be used in wedding bouquets, table centres or buttonholes.

  • Showcase the beauty of blushing bride paired with simple white gypsophila
  • Combine blushing bride with a bohemian palette, lilac and pale pink roses, hanging claret amaranthus, ammi majus, waxflower and populus eucalyptus with berries
  • Combine with other types of protea, foliage and brunia berries

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